Netbooks – Convenience personified!

The convenient netbook

The convenient netbook

Netbooks had hit the market in late 2007. They fall in the category of small, lightweight and comparatively cheaper laptops. These Netbooks are specially designed to be low weight and low in cost. It did not come with features like optical drive and it has smaller keyboard and screen. And it also consumes less power as compared to a full-sized laptop. But like every technology Netbooks have also evolved over the years. Today they come with almost everything that a high-end laptop has to offer. The screen size ranged from 5 inch to 12 inch and they typically weigh two to three pounds.  

By August 2009 Dell has offered Notebook and Netbooks which looked so similar to each other that any consumer with less knowledge in technology will be confused. Initially Netbooks used to run on Linux or Windows XP but now they are running on Windows 7 starter but with lower spec hardware. Some of the netbooks don’t even have conventional hard drive. These act as solid-state storage device. These are lighter, faster and more shock resistant. They have less storage capacity, varying from 32, 64, or 128 GB. All netbooks support Wi-Fi wireless network today. Some also come with modem ports for internet connection.

As compared to the past, netbooks have evolved a lot. They had evolved from small size screen to large, no optical drives to everything including Wi-Fi connection, modem port, webcam, USB ports, LED screens, integrated speakers and much more. Today many companies are racing to get the attention. They all are coming with better and better technology in netbooks. Let’s have a looks at best brands which offer netbooks.

‘Asus Eee PC’ had started this trend of netbooks. They have the range of netbooks to choose from which differ in size and features. You can always pick from those which offer better hard drives to those that have limited capacity, Solid State Disk flash modules. Asus offer Xandros Linux but it also supports Windows XP. Every module uses Intel’s Celeron processor.

‘HP mini-note’ is the one which works on VIA C7-M processor. It is the only one which doesn’t work on Intel. It weights just 2.8 pounds. It comes in single size but you can always configure the hard drive capacity, processor speed, OP and memory. It can work on Linux, Windows XP or Vista.  It stands out with its high revolution 8.9 inch screen with 1280*786 resolution.

This 2.1 pound light weight netbook ‘Acer Aspire One’ works on both Linux and Windows. Its memory capacity is from 512 Mb to 1 GB. It’s faster with 120 GB hard drive. It makes a good buy. Another module is offered by ‘MSI wind’. This is from Taiwan and it is quite similar to the high-end module of Asus. The specification is nearly same like the price. You can call it a carbon copy of Asus. It weight 2.6 pounds, it has 10.2 inch display, 6-cell battery which can offer almost double run-time over other netbooks and it supports Windows XP. It’s like an option over Asus. Netbooks from other companies like ‘Lenovo’ have a module called ‘Ideapad S10’. And ‘Dell’ is about to enter the market with Inspiron model which will be small. These models are more and less similar to what are already in the market.

Netbooks being the growing trend in education are playing a very important role in child’s education. Our children need to prepare themselves for the 21st century lifestyle. This comes with many different and new education tools and ideas that can be found online. The growing emphasis on child-centered education has given a boost to the need of technology use like netbooks for students in schools.  Netbooks offer several amazing advantages in educational setting. First of all it is lightweight and compact in size which makes them very handy for students. Then they are less expensive and they offer a good way of global learning to the child. Netbooks are more or less the necessity of every growing child in 21st century. Prepare your child for the ever-growing competition and make learning easy for them with netbooks. The most compelling feature in selecting netbooks is price and feature set. Select a netbook on the basis of your priority and stay with the world.

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