Nautical Styled Homes

Nautical decor for your living room

Nautical decor for your living room

Think nautical and the color of water comes to mind. Vast expanses of water, waves splashing against light houses, ships sailing far away into the sea, waves frothing and foaming on to the shore, the angry ocean spewing tsunami-like waves and a boat gently floating in water – are  these the emotions  or picture that you want to evoke in your beach/vacation house?

Go in for lots of blue and white. Having these as your primary background colors, plan the rest of the décor of the house. Have a white picket fence marking your territory. You can have chimes with sea shells, dolphins hanging on either side of the main door or on the patio. If you have a front yard then put some deck chairs to laze around during afternoons. This qualifies as a perfect setting for wine followed by Sunday brunch.

It would look good to have the floor inside the house of white color as white also makes the room appear large and spacious. Throw in some jute carpets. If the living room has French windows overlooking the beach, go in for curtains with oyster self-print or alternate with turquoise blue and white curtains made of silk. Use curtain holders in the shape of sea shells, anchors, marine life, etc. Blinds made of jute or bamboo will also look good. Paint the ceiling a blue to offset the white floor. If there is a wall with a niche then try to put some shelves of wood painted white or blue. Keep the artifacts or curios that are based on something to do with the sea, maritime, etc.

Else getting someone to paint the wall with an oceanic view would be commendable. If these are too complicated then get a wall to wall poster of the ocean. Let it have a three-dimensional effect. There are many shades of blue so use these well to coordinate with the rest of the décor. The sofas can be low, soft and plush which one can just sink into. Go in for a shade of the beach sand for the color of the sofa with pillows thrown in. The pillow covers can be of shades of blue or dark blue with white fish print. Visit small antique shops and collect items related to the ocean. They can be anchors, beach houses, a sailor’s wheel, a sailor’s cap or perhaps, a compass. Go on to the beach and collect shells in different shapes clam, conch, snail, any nautilus creature, stones/pebbles of different shapes and colors or pieces of drift wood. Have a center table of glass and display these beach findings in the small bowls. You can put up tapestry wall hangings and sea scape paintings on the walls. You’ll find all of this on www.amaazon.com. Have skylights covered with a coastal theme in stained glass. Keep wicker baskets as newspaper or magazine holders.

For the children’s bedroom, go in for a look like that of a sailboat. The cabinets or study table can be white or powder blue in color. A rowing boat book-case can make the room look very attractive. If you can manage to get a pair of oars then place it alongside the rowboat. Try to get hold of a ship’s wheel and fix it on to the wall. A wall paper with anchors or sea life or beach toys should do the trick. Glow toys of marine life can be fixed to the ceiling. If you have a teenager, then get wall to wall posters of surfing or people riding the wave. A real surf board propped in a corner or fixed to the wall will work wonders.

Give your bathroom a nautical look with a colorful tropical design in light blue, white or beige. Have a bath tub in the shape of an oyster shell, a shower curtain with a coastal theme, mirrors on at least two walls or maybe even a potpourri which smells of the ocean. The bathroom accessories like the soap dish, soap dispenser, towels can have prints of shells, light houses, crabs, star fish or dolphins. If there is too much of blue then add in a touch of sea green. For storage or laundry baskets get wicker boxes in varying sizes.

The most important room of the house is the master bedroom. Break the monotony of blue and white here and go in for bedding with a touch of bright colors like coral, star fish and other marine life. Do away with blinds and put flimsy curtains that can sway to the breeze of the ocean. Have lampshades with shell prints or else in the shape of anchors or a light house.

The kitchen cabinets done in white with splashes of blue look stunning. This is even better if the design is either nautical or tropical. Go in for melamine or porcelain dinnerware with slim and sleek cutlery in steel. Wherever possible, do the door handles and knobs in sea life and maritime designs.

There are lots of designs available in stores just make sure that you browse thoroughly and design your perfect beach/vacation house without repetition of the same kind. Also, do not go overboard with too much of blue and white. Add a little bright color of the sea life to make the house more attractive. 

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