Nature Inspired Dining Room

Eco friendly dining room

Eco friendly dining room

Of all the rooms in the house, dining room is that space of the house where you spend time with your family and friends eating food that you enjoy eating the most. Now, for a room having such a great importance, it naturally makes sense to customize it according to your taste and preference.

With the entire World incorporating the “Go Green” mantra, off late there has been a huge demand for inculcating the usage of completely natural and eco-friendly décor in the houses. Out of all, one of the most popular one is the nature inspired dining room.

For a person who is very keen on having a very natural, pleasant, nature inspired dining room, there are a wide range of ideas to choose from. With the constant evolution of technology, it is now very easy for one to incorporate eco-friendly designing in their houses.

Ideas for an Eco-friendly and Nature Inspired Dining Room

Here are a few simple ideas to set-up an environmental friendly and completely natural dining room:

  • Eco-friendly Wall Paints: You can now not only choose a wall paint that’s inspired by a particular element of nature, but you can also paint your walls with colors that are completely eco-friendly! Not many realize that even the colors that we paint with our walls can be quite dangerous as they are made of artificial products instead of natural ones. However, times have changed and gone are the days when one has only artificial paint options. With the advance in technology, there are now wall paints available which are completely safe and promote healthier life and clean environment.
  • Natural Wall Papers: Another interesting way of incorporating eco-friendly and natural designing in your house can be with the use of natural wall papers. Using eco-friendly wall paper helps in improving the quality of your interior air as these wall papers do not contain any toxin chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Also, the usage of natural fibers gives a very classic and distinct look to your dining room. Easy sticking and removing of these wall papers is an added bonus.
  • Furniture: Another priority in almost every environment conscious shoppers list is the purchase of well-made, eco-friendly furniture. With the increase in demand, most of the furniture stores have come up with innovative dining room furniture designs that most of the shoppers find it quite irresistible. Ranging from lovely stone dining table, teak wood furniture, oak furniture to beautiful terracotta ones, the options are a plenty. You just need to be patient to browse through the wide range of options available.
  • Lighting Options: When it comes to lighting your dining rooms, it is very important that you strike a reasonable balance between the various types of lighting. Although it is very important to have vibrant and bright rooms, it is equally important to make arrangement to have a dim atmosphere in the dining room as well. It is all about having comfort lighting. And, to get just that you can use natural lighting to beautifully enhance your dining room. Skylights and large windows are two perfect options for natural lighting. You can choose to have a nice fireplace or go the country way by putting up candles and lamps. To accentuate the look, add chandeliers and bulbs to give a warm glow to your dining room.
  • Environmental Tableware: Ban plastic is the way to go! Not just that, at the end of the day it might be very irritating to doing up the dishes. Instead, save yourself from the headache and start using metal silverware, cloth napkins and reusable plates which are not only easy to maintain but are also eco-friendly.

Not just in terms of materialistic things, to have a nature inspired dining room it is also equally important to give importance to other aspects like heating, air-conditioning and eating healthy. Instead of using the air-conditioner all through the day and running up your electricity bill, for a change try the natural cooling system by keeping your dining room windows open. Instead of opting for all the artificial food products available in the super market, promote locally grown organic eating. All said and done, it can be quite easy to design a nature inspired dining room provided you are willing to stretch your wallet a little. Last but not the least, do your bit in unplugging all the electric items in your dining room that are not in use. 

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