7 Best Natural Menopause Supplements to relieve the top 3 worse symptoms

There are many women that are going through the menopause and suffering from the most terrible symptoms but don’t want to go on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Some might have a history of cancer in their family, others might simply believe that the menopause is a natural state and should be dealt with by using natural supplements.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to use natural menopause supplements, here are the top 3 symptoms and the best way to tackle them, naturally.

*As with all supplements we do recommend you go to see you own doctor before taking any new medication, whether it is natural or not, as some supplements are contra-indicated for certain types of medicines.


For the majority of women, hot flushes are the first sign of the menopause. If you are working they can be particularly debilitating. Not just because they are embarrassing in front of your work colleagues, but also because they interrupt your sleep so badly. They are caused by a decrease in oestrogen so the best way is to up these levels.

One way to do this to replace your oestrogen with plant-based one or a supplement that mimics or controls your body temperature.

Biovea Black Cohosh, 120, £17.50 – Black Cohosh has long been recognised as reducing hot flushes but the evidence is anecdotal. However, some women swear by it. You shouldn’t stay on it for too long as it can cause liver damage.

Natural Menopause Supplements

Tesco’s Soya Isoflavones, 30, £4.50 – These are phytoestrogens which means they are the plant versions of oestrogen. They are also a safer way of keeping your temperature regulated.

Natural Menopause Supplements

Numark Oil of Evening Primrose, 30, £1.45 – Any flower oils are really good at balancing our body temperatures, but evening primrose oil seems to work especially well.

Natural Menopause Supplements


Many women feel dreadful fatigue because they are having hot flushes in the night and this has a knock-on effect on their sleep. If you can combat your hot flushes your sleep will improve. However, if you are suffering from tiredness as a separate symptom, it can be horrendous. Again, this is the result of decreasing levels of certain hormones.

Ultra Ginkgo & Siberian Ginseng, 60, £9.95 – This amazing supplement is a double-edged sword when it comes to sleep and tiredness. It not only helps with insomnia but it also gives you much-needed energy during the day. It perks up your appetite too.

Natural Menopause Supplements


Another symptom that disrupts sleep is restless arms and legs. If you’ve ever experienced this you’ll know how frustrating it is to long for sleep but have to move your legs around because they feel jerky.

Boots Magnesium, 60 Tablets, £6.49 – You might be deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is a wonder supplement. It not only helps with muscle and nerve health but with anxiety and panic as well. It is also good for depression, protects against heart disease and lowers blood pressure.

Natural Menopause Supplements

Ancient Minerals – Professional Strength – Magnesium Oil 8oz. Spray, £19.99 If you don’t like taking supplements you can also get magnesium in a spray oil that you apply directly to the skin. Or why not try magnesium bath salts where you can relax and let the medical effects soak in.

Natural Menopause Supplements

Holland & Barrett Radiance Multi Vitamins & Iron One a Day, 60 Tablets, £4.99 – Low iron levels can cause restless legs so if you don’t eat a lot of red meat or vegetables you could be at risk. Take iron supplements or increase your fruit and veg intake.

Natural Menopause Supplements


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