Natural Cures for Mange in Dogs and Cats: How Can You Prevent It?

If you notice that suddenly your cat or dog scratches a lot, your pet might be suffering of a condition caused as sarcoptic mange otherwise known as canine scabies. The first reaction to a dog or car scratching is the thought that they might have fleas.

Mange is similar in the sense that it is caused by mites that can get under your pet’s skin. You might notice red skin of bald spots if your furry friend has been affected by the condition. Usually these spots focus on the belly, armpits, elbows, ears and chest because the mites prefer areas with the least amount of hair. When the problem gets worse the inflammation or rash can spread all over the body making your pet miserable.

How Serious is Mange?

Mange is a serious condition and if not treated can affect your pet in several ways, including affecting the dog or cat’s immune system. Mange itself will not cause death, but the lowered ability to resist an infection can kill your pet. The most common negative effects that you will be able to see are hair loss on the affected area, skin infections, torn skin due to the constant itching and scratching.

Mange can also affect humans who have direct contact with the host, but they usually go away on their own. It is recommended that you wash the sheets or bedding your pet may have been used to prevent the spread of mange.


If you suspect your cat or dog may have mange, then you must take it to a veterinarian. The test involves scrapping of the skin with a scalpel and then using a microscope to find out if mange is present. A problem that does present itself is that the skin scraping may not rule out mange every time.

A biopsy or even a trial of medication may also help. A medication is given to the affected dog or cat that would treat mange and see how the pet is reacting to the medication. If in two weeks the animal seems to be getting better, then the treatment is continued until it is healthy again.

Natural Treatment

A lot of pet owners do not like using chemicals on their pets and that is understandable as some pets may react to medication different than others. There are natural repellent that could be used on your pet. Garlic has often been used to combat mange as well as fleas and parasites that can affect a household pet. Lemongrass and neem are also used to soothe the affected skin area and will heal the skin after mange is treated.

That will help relieve most of the itching your pet may be suffering of. Neem and lemongrass are also natural insecticides. Wormwood has also proved successful in getting rid of mange worms and even ear mites. Always check with your veterinarian before starting a home treatment of your pet.

Mange Prevention

Nobody likes to see their best friends suffering from mange, but often preventive steps are not taken. There are ways to prevent mange from attacking your dog or cat. Always be alert to other animals that come in contact with your pet. Keep your pets clean, if your dog or cat’s skin is clean then the mite that may be on your dog already will be kept in low numbers.

A good diet also helps because it boosts the immune system, making your pet more likely to resist mange. Regular visits to your vet are a must. Vet visits are like your own regular checkups and will ensure that your pet is healthy.

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