National Book Week: Four of the Best Books on Fashion

You may have noticed your Facebook friends posting quotes from books that are nearby and wondering what on earth was going on. Well, every year during National Book Week, this phenomenon reoccurs where you pick up the nearest book to you and quote a passage from it. It either makes you look intensely studious or a bit thick! I always choose a very intelligent book whenever I take part in posting, rather than the pile of dirge that usually sits next to me! But I digress, in honour of National Book Week, we have chosen some of our very favourite books on fashion, and what with Christmas only a few months away, you might even be thinking of gifting them to a fashionista in your family! Check out these four coffee table beauties:

Dior by Jérôme Hanover and Caroline Bongrand – £50

Few designers can be said to have “transformed the international codes of elegance” with their debut collections, but that’s what Christian Dior did on February 12th, 1947. What began then in post-war Paris has since become one of fashion’s most iconic and beloved labels, and this set of three hardcover books celebrates the exquisite clothing, perfume and fine jewelry lines. Three essays penned by Jérôme Hanover and Caroline Bongrand immerse the reader in the world of Dior, with page upon page of iconic photography as accompaniment. A box cover illustration by René Gruau and a Richard Avedon photograph ensure this set makes a suitably chic addition to any coffee table.

Jimmy Choo XV – £50

“Carrie Bradshaw loved them; Beyoncé sang about them; princesses wear them.” So begins ‘Jimmy Choo XV’, an irresistible hardcover book that celebrates Tamara Mellon’s fabulous shoe empire, introduced by the designer herself. Packed with glossy editorial images, advertising campaigns and images from the red carpet, each chapter looks at what has made the megawatt brand “the stuff of fashion fairy tales”, from ‘Celebrity Icons’ to ‘Technical Innovation’. With a foreword penned by the renowned fashion writer Colin McDowell, this glamorous tome is an absolute must-have for shoe lovers.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty – £35

Alexander McQueen pushed fashion design beyond its traditional parameters, and the record-breaking exhibition ‘Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty’, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011, celebrated his collections as true and breathtaking works of art. This accompanying hardcover book, including a foreword by curator Andrew Bolton and an introduction by fashion journalist Susannah Frankel, documents his extraordinary creative vision with Romanticism-themed chapters, photography by Sølve Sundsbø and quotes from the designer.

Christian Louboutin by Christian Louboutin – £85

Renowned and adored by the fashion world for his exquisitely crafted shoes and dizzyingly high stilettos, Christian Louboutin is in a league of his own. Delving into the designer’s imagination, this beautiful tome – created to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary – contains over 300 pages of stunning photography, inspiration, biographic detail and even some pop-up art. Featuring a fold-out cover and with exclusive insight into his personal archives, this is a real collector’s item that will look fabulous on your coffee table or as a gift.

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