Nail polish trends for the fall

Stylish nail color to brighten up your nails

Stylish nail color to brighten up your nails

How would you like your hands and fingers to look like – Dead or alive?  With 10 long nails and absolutely no color, your fingers will definitely look lifeless. Imagining a woman’s fingers without any nail color will end up making the hands look bland and very ordinary. So why kill your perfectly manicured hands with no hue? Color is very important in life. We realize this most when we close our eyes and see nothing but black. With so much life and color around, why not add color to your style with some trendy nail enamels?

This fall is all about experimenting with your nail polish. With the winter party season on, the new nail polish trends will add the perfect glamour, flirt, warmth and hue to the environment. This season indulges yourself into some serious mood of party to get yourself noticed.

nail polish trends 2011

nail polish trends 2011

Pastels, metallic grey and nudes are the colors of the season. These gorgeous shades make the best nail polish trends for this fall. Stay rich and creamy this season. Opt for the smooth purples, bright blues, and edible peach-tinged pinks. It is spotted at Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and Yigal Azrouel. Bright shades are typically coming up. Shades of gun-metal, bright hues are very much in vogue this season. So get ready to paint your nails red-blue-metallic, or go completely nude.

Nude, like naked nails doesn’t look so refreshing. So here we have shades that will enhance your nude look by adding glam quotient and polish to it. This nail polish comes in high-gloss formula. If you buy something cheap it will probably end up making you look like having mannequin hands. Essie and Deborah Lippmann has come up with high-gloss formula nail polish. So if you are thinking of nude, go for them.

But if you are in no mood of going nude, then try Sally Hansen’s or Priti NYC’s blue. This pale blue shade will never go wrong in getting you lot of attention. It is so much for spring. It has the touch and style that will make you look updated for the season. Peachy pink is the one for you if you are in mood to flaunt your tan. It will best compliment your tan and will make you look like a sun-kissed goddess. Dior and Priti NYC promise the best in that color. Estee Lauder and Priti NYC have come up with lovely Lavender shade. These shades of purple will look great with most skin tones. Dirty and dusty purple, saturated lavender and shiny heliotropes will make your hands look different from the rest.

Gun Metal Grays look also sophisticated in their look. They give you a digital look. You totally look fashion forward. Chanel has a beautiful Blue metallic shade which will make your nails look fabulous. M.A.C’s copper metallic will give you a different look altogether. They are totally back in fashion from the 80’s. Red is one shade for the nails that almost always remains in trend. Be it any season, red always make a room for itself. Right from blood-red to more pastel tones, red always looks hot.  Red adds a ladylike charm to your personality. This class of nail color is totally irreplaceable. It will give you a retro as well as a vintage look.

You can’t miss shimmer this fall. Topcoats from Chanel & CND will add that extra look to your nails. Topcoats will give your nails an extra edge and they will make your nail polish last longer and will prevent it from chipping. And on top of that it will add sparks to your nails.

With top trend in, and when you know which colors are in this fall, there is no stopping. Go get them all. It’s not that just plain color that is in. Today the fashion industry is also doing towards nail art. You can have different kind of arts on you nail. You can always drop into a salon and ask them to make your nails artistic. If you are artistic enough, you can try it at home. Nails with floral prints, abstract designs, strips, checks and polka dots are so in. You see so much intricately designed nails that you almost want to have all of them.

With so many choices available and the shades to flaunt, you should run to the next mall and pamper yourself with the latest color. Let your nails do the talking this season. Flaunt the color that goes best with you outfit, and look stylish this season.

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