My Other Bag’, the company that makes fabulous shopping tote bags

Jessica Biel loves hers, and here at Shoppersbase, we love anything that is reusable and fashion conscious. So you can imagine our delight when we discovered ‘My Other Bag’, the company that makes fabulous shopping tote bags with prints of iconic designer bags on the front. And we wondered, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of designing this type of bag before? It’s inspired! From gorgeous artistic renditions of the infamous Alexander McQueen Union Jack skull clutch bag, to the slouchy Chloe bag with the heavy padlock; all your favourites are here. And the price of these bags is an amazing $24.99 each.

The founder of My Other Bag started the company because of her love and passion for handbags, and it all began from an experience she had in a grocery store. Living in Santa Monica, which is a city that has banned plastic grocery bags in order to ensure people use their reusables, she ran into a local store after work to pick up a few items for dinner and was caught off guard by this new law. The cashier put the items she had bought to one side as she went on to serve her next customer. She was left with the problem of not wanting to put grocery items in her expensive designer bag and this led her to thinking, why isn’t there a cute, fashionable, tote bags to use for grocery shopping? And hence My Other Bag was created.

Bags are something every woman can relate to; we all have our favourite one, we all covet a designer one, and every woman has her go to bag, her dream bag, her going out bag. What we love about My Other Bag is that it is the perfect complement to these bags we love. You can carry it in addition to your designer handbag or alone as you tackle your day’s “To Do List.” The grocery store, the gym, errands, hopping on a plane, packing for a weekend away. It’s the perfect other bag!

Made in the USA, My Other Bag is environmentally conscious, socially savvy, and fashionably fun! My Other Bags are made from grown grade “A” cotton canvas, they are eco friendly, reusable, recyclable, measuring 18″ wide x 15″ high x 5″ deep.

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