Must have accessory for your suit – A Brooch

A men's brooch adds a stylish touch to a man's personality!

A men’s brooch adds a stylish touch to a man’s personality!

There are not too many accessories for men. They have to settle in for only few as compared to the types and varieties available for women. Even when men have few accessories they have to sport it according to occasion and culture. Men have to be very careful while sporting accessories.

They always have to sport the right accessory at the right occasion. One such accessory is coming back in fashion for men. They are Brooch. Brooches are the latest fashion accessory for men. This accessory has surpassed the entire divide. It looks cool in spring/summer and autumn/winter season. This accessory is slowly making a comeback in men’s world. Earlier it was only a women’s accessory but now more evolved designs are made for men. Brooches with masculine designs are in vogue. Designers are experimenting a lot in brooch. The perfect and the most ideal style is the vintage look.

Brooches Trends

Brooches have once been mainstay for every women and her wardrobe. But that trend has changed now. Brooch on men looks smart and trendy. Brooch looks classy and elegant on a suit.  Depending on the style and the class, brooch adds an edgy vibe to men’s clothing. It totally adds an unexpected level of sophistication. Brooch totally looks smart and classy on suits and jackets. It is the best accessory to flaunt with jacket and suit. Gucci’s Autumn/winter 2008 collection has showcased these brooches. Since then they are slowly coming in trends for men.

Blue, Purple and Brooch

Blue, Purple and Brooch

Brooches add an extra edge to the clothes. It attracts attention to the wearer. They are best in winters. You can wear brooch on overcoats, jackets, suits, etc. Brooch is a very good accessory to sport. It enhances one’s personality and adds style. Brooches are designed using metals like silver, gold and sometimes bronze. Other metals are also used if they are needed. For men, mostly studs and glittery look is avoided. Otherwise they are decorated with gemstones, diamonds and other stones. They perform a strict ornamental purpose for men.

Today’s metropolitan guys are not shying away from flaunting the latest trends. They are bold and smart to flaunt all the latest trends. Brooches are one such thing. No one ever wondered that they will ever come back into fashion. But here they are back in to fashion. And the guys are also not shying away to experiment in their look. Brooches in gun metal and bronze finish give a smart look to men. Men who love gold accessory can get personalized gold brooch for them. Designers are making personalized brooches for men.

As a new emerging style for men, brooch is a perfect accessory to flaunt. It will look smart and trendy if you sport a brooch in a party. It will add a total new look to your personality and appearance.

A leather jacket accessorized with a brooch

A leather jacket accessorized with a brooch

Brooch on your wedding suit will be like icing on the cake. It will enhance your suit and it will give it a brand new look. You can always make personalized brooches. It will be a very smart idea to get a personalized brooch for your wedding. It will show your sense of style and it will give a personal touch.

You can always flaunt your brooches on suits and jackets. Winter is the best season for it. You can always add a hint of glamour and style to your regular winter coat. It will make your regular coat look completely different and stylish.

Be a little playful when going for parties. Add some other accessories with the brooch to make it more prominent. You can always add small chains to your brooch. You can also use large chains if you want to make a bold statement. You can compliment your jacket or suit with brooch and little chims that are easily available in the market.  Mix copper with silver or gold or just go with plain silver or gold. Either go for a single tone color or two to three tones together. Do it according to your clothes and your style to make it look fabulous.

If you start wearing a brooch on regular basis then it will become one of your style statements. It is one of the trendiest accessories today to flaunt. So get your hands on couple of them and flaunt it with style.

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