Muse Release New Album – The 2nd Law

After their amazing performance at the London Olympics, you’d think the band members of Muse would be resting on their laurels somewhat, but with a new album released and a tour to follow, there’s no such thing as a break for the threesome from Teignmouth. Drummer Dom Howard talks about their new album and the influences that shaped its production. “We felt a little but fearless with this one,” he says, adding, “This is the most diverse and eclectic and experimental album we’ve ever done. We wanted to give every track its own character and touch on new ideas and break a little bit of new musical ground for the band as well.” Indeed, the Second Law includes two tracks written and sung by bassist Chris Wolstenholme. Howard says, “The last album was more about trying to define the sound of the band,. On this one we opened up a little bit more and made some songs sound really big and live – influenced by some of the big shows we’ve done – and other songs are really intimate and electronic.”

The Second Law, which takes its title from the second law of thermodynamics, starts with an anthemic track – Supremacy, with more than a nod to a Bond theme. As Matt Bellamy wrote the track Survival with the Olympic Games in mind, was he thinking of the new Bond movie Skyfall when he created Supremacy? Howard thinks not, “It’s got a little whisper to the Bond vibe – it all goes a bit crazy Live and Let Die in the middle. My view is they should use it for the next James Bond film, but I don’t know what’s going on with that. I heard Adele was doing it!” Next up is the released single Madness which has divided opinions of Muse fans. Then we have a more disco feel with Panic Station, which leads into the Olympics anthem Survival. It is clear that the band took influences from their personal lives to complete the album, as the song Follow Me has a recording of Bellamy and Kate Hudson’s son Bingham’s heart beat to open the track. Howard recalls, “Bing’s heartbeat was recorded while he was still in the womb. The song is about Matt becoming a parent and being responsible for another human being.” Their next track Animals is a personal view by Bellamy on the banking crisis. “Animals is probably the most political song. It’s aimed at the bankers and people who gambled everyone’s money and ended up putting countries in debt. We added the sound of Wall Street traders screaming right before the bell goes. It’s pretty dark how lost in it these people are getting… they sound like a bunch of animals.”

Muse are renowned for their over the top performances at gigs, so what can we expect from their up and coming tour? “On stage we’re going to have these huge upside-down pyramid which can turn itself inside out,” says Howard. “It represents the power hierarchy turned on its head. I’m going to do some kung fu and fend off some businessmen, who are losing their minds as they realise they’ve lost everyone’s money.” I can’t wait!

For more information check out the band’s website muse.mu.  The Second Law by Muse is out officially on 1 October 2012.

All photographs courtesy of Muse. Source BBC News

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