Murals Wallpaper make Larger than Life Murals

Delicate Daisies © Mural Wallpaper

Delicate Daisies © Murals Wallpaper

 Murals Wallpaper are a UK company that specialise in larger than life wallpaper.

We’ve all heard of turning a wall in a room into a feature wall; this is where three walls are typically left blank and the remaining one has some outlandish design on it.

Well, the new way to make a feature wall pop is to put up a life size mural.

Now you may think this is the stuff of children’s bedrooms but think again.

Wallpaper scenes include cityscapes, forest dwellings, beaches, artist’s famous works, even underwater and space. You can instantly change the feeling and atmosphere of a room with a mural wallpaper.

Murals Wallpaper is created using three different paper types, light, medium and heavyweight.

The wallpaper murals are delivered to you in horizontal rolls, which you then paste as you would normal wallpaper onto the wall.

Here are our tips for creating a special feature wall using mural wallpaper.


Living rooms should be areas of calm, places where you can relax, so softer colours and natural prints work best here. Try forests, sunsets, and traditional works of art or street scenes.

Almond Branches by Van Gogh


One of Van Gogh’s most standout pieces. The blossoming buds painted by Van Gogh represent awakening and hope.

Netherlandish Proverbs


Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted this scene in 1559, depicting a scene with townspeople performing literal illustrations of Dutch language proverbs and idioms.

Cobbled Streets


This charming image shows the cobbled streets of the quaint village, Castelnau-de-Montmiral situated in the southern Pyrenees region of France.

Sunset Peak


The Sunset Peak Wall Mural entices the viewer to evoke calmness.

Lavender Field


Features a rolling lavender field basking in the warmth of the summer sun.


Office spaces can be vibrant or calming, decide which you prefer.

Norwegian Fjord


Make a feature wall using this incredible Scandinavian landscape, featuring this beautiful fjord in Norway.

Sunset Wheat


Beautiful, hazy colours that will instantly transport you to a warmer place as well as give you a glorious feature wall.


For high activity areas like the dining room, kitchen or office, think cities and busy prints such as skylines or abstract art.

Moonrise Manhattan

Features the metropolitan wonder of the Manhattan Island in twilight, with a striking contrast between the night skies against the lit skyscrapers.

Daytime Empire State Cityscape

Daytime Empire State Cityscape

Showcasing the Big Apple in all its cityscape glory featuring the Empire State soaring over the New York skyline.

Night Time Venice Canal 

Night Time Venice Canal

A stunning replication of canals in Venice, with gorgeous blues offset by the lights of Venetian architecture.

Calm Green Waterfall


A tranquil waterfall scene that’s add calm and serenity with its deep green tones contrasting with the flowing waters.


Again, natural scenes work really well in areas where food is prepared. So beaches, the sea, sunsets, poppies in a field, all these kinds of tableaus look great.

And keep the colours natural too, so no bright neon or too much monochrome.

Poppy Field


This Poppy Field Mural Wallpaper is a beautiful design that will brighten up even the dullest of rooms.


A place of utmost calm for most adults, the bedroom should be peaceful and have muted colours. Misty forest murals work brilliantly in bedrooms, as do other natural scenes.

With children however you can go to town. If they are interested in space then a full sized space mural is just magical. Or how about an underwater sea world?

The Hinterland Haze


A pared back Scandinavian atmosphere set in the foggy heartland of Ukraine lies this beautiful forest that is overcast with mist.

Lilac Floor Forest


Sleep well amidst this lilac field with gorgeous purples and violets contrasting with the bright leafy greens.

Ocean Crevice


Make your child’s bedroom a  place of underwater intrigue and mystery.

Earth and Moon Space


Featuring the moon on the horizon of the earth.


Golden Forest Pathway


A stunning woodland scene full of mystery and intrigue awaits you within these golden hues.


Of course water scenes look at home in a bathroom, but why not mix it up a little? Have the crashing waves of a Cornish sea splashing you every time you bathe?

Or why not relax every evening into your own personal sunset?

Calm Beach


This fabulous beach design is guaranteed to create a wonderful feature wall in any room, with turquoise blues and sunset orange-pinks.

Rocky Shoreline Beach


A breath-taking scene with the most gorgeous colours of orange, blues and beiges. Would look stunning in any room.

Cornish Coast


This cliffside view allows another dimension to the house, and that is the countryside feel that sets a laid back vibe in your setting.

Pond Life


This underwater pond life will creates a stunning feature wall in your own home.

Mural Wallpaper costs from £23.50 per m². Available at MuralsWallpaper

All pictures courtesy Murals Wallpapers

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