Mum’s Schedule Clashes

Being a mum is never easy, but when your kids are smaller their schedules can make your day into an absolute nightmare. When one of your children is in primary school and the other in nursery, it can be particularly difficult to make everyone’s schedule gel. This can be especially difficult if the nursery-going child is not attending full-time as you may find yourself leaving the house many times during the day to drop off and collect various children here and there. But by fitting these simple bits and pieces around your various needs you’ll be able to make the most of even a difficult day.

I can definitely sympathise with mums experiencing these problems, as I have two boys with six years between them. To add to the original difficulties, my eldest son attends three separate after-school clubs. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the house no fewer than 4 times to drop off and collect my kids in various places before we all get home!

However, if you time your other needs right you can make sure these trips out aren’t entirely unnecessary. Take a few minutes’ time out of your morning to arrange your other errands around your trips to school, nursery or college and before you know it you’ll be sorting everything out at once.

Shopping trips with little kids can be difficult, and when they are of nursery-school age it can be even more complex as holding their hands in traffic becomes a necessity and you won’t be able to do so whilst carrying the shopping home. By purchasing a granny trolley to carry your shopping, you can in fact move your shopping trips to the time between one pick-up or drop-off and the next. While it won’t be quite as relaxing as a shopping trip on your own during the time your children spend at school, popping a nursery-aged child into a shopping trolley is easy enough and you can simply transfer the bags into your granny trolley before setting off.

If you have little else to do then you can spend the time between the first pick-up and the next in the park. Sound indulgent? It really needn’t. You can sell it to yourself by reminding yourself how good it is for children to spend time with you and spend time outside playing; it’s healthy on every score. Simply make sure your other child or children get some time with you as well!

As a final alternative, if one of your children needs to attend the doctor’s office or has to be subjected to some dentistry, you can schedule the appointment for some dead space between school runs and make the most of it. Just ensure you have a backup plan in case things run out; another mum who can pick up your next schoolyard appointment just in case!

And there you have it; making the most of your time is not as difficult as it may seem, even if it may mean the company of a small terror during some of your errands.

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