Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch now on sale in the US


It seems that Apple has missed the mark again, after Samsung revealed the new Galaxy Note Edge, with innovative scrolling curved screen ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6, now it appears that Motorola has also stolen the show.

The company, based in Schaumburg, Illinois, officially launched their new smartwatch, the Moto 360, which is available to buy in the States for $249.99. The Android powered watch is compatible with any other Android device running Android 4.3 or higher. It has 1.56-inch round display, comes with 4GB of storage and is also water resistant .

The Moto 360 is voice or touch activated, and allows users to access social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as email accounts. There are also health features built into the smartwatch, such as sensors to collect data of the wearer’s heart rate and amount of steps they have taken.


At present the Moto 360 is only available in black leather, with a limited edition grey leather with suede finish also available. Future editions with include all metal options, which will retail for $299.99 each.

The appearance of the Moto 360 is certainly a sleek and classy looking watch, and a vast improvement on the unappealing offerings from Motorola’s competitors, as president, Rick Osterloh said:

“I think the first watches that shipped have been really bad. A number of manufacturers were willing to ship products that I felt were not appropriate for consumers.”

The design team have obviously worked hard to make the Moto 360 more popular with the general public:

“The biggest problem consumers said they had with them was that they really didn’t look appealing. The difference in our initial approach has been to focus on that problem and solve it,” said Osterloh.

And although Motorola had beaten Apple to the market with the Moto 360, Osterloh isn’t worried about Apple joining the competition:

“I think Apple is going to help grow the category,” he added, “Perhaps the most difficult thing in any new technology category is having people understand the benefits of it.”

Osterloh believes that perhaps with all the attention focusing on the technology of the smartphones, no one thought about the actual design and that people were going to have to actually wear them:

“It’s quite concerning to me that in the early days some of the first watches maybe gave the category a bad edge. We believe our product will be on the new wave of offerings.”

However, not everyone is convinced of the appeal of the Moto 360, and one of the reasons is the dark face of the screen. The face was intentionally designed to be dark to allow room for other components, but some critics have suggested that the watch resembles a “flat tyre”.

We think this is just sour grapes, as to us, the Moto 360 is a sleek design that doesn’t look like a typical smartphone, and this is what will give it the edge in the wearable technology market.

For those interested in buying the Moto 360, you can purchase it from $99.99 on a two-year contract in the US, or $499.99 unlocked. It also comes pre-loaded with six digital watch faces.

Source: BBC News Technology

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