Mothercare launches new ‘commemorative range’ to celebrate Royal birth

The birth of the future King or Queen of England is not expected for another couple of months, but one retailer has begun to celebrate the impending birth by launching a new commemorative range. Mothercare, who have been struggling in this economic climate recently, with their Australian company calling in the administrators after they failed to find a buyer for the failing company, have begun the countdown to the Royal Birth – with what they are calling a ‘commemorative’ range.

Mothercare bibs - for Royal baby


Included in the new range, designed to compliment the Royal Birth, will be new romper suits, baby grows and bibs. The romper suits and bibs will have phrases such as ‘When I Grow Up I Want to be a Princess’ and ‘Prince in Training’ and ‘Handsome as a Prince’ and ‘Pretty as a Princess’ on them. These items will be available to purchase from next month.

In store at present, however, are specially themed playsets from the Happyland range, which include figures of The Queen, Duke of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Philip, Mounted Royal guard, Royal driver, Horse drawn carriage and a Corgi. The new playset is designed around the Royal Wedding day, and shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge riding in a special Royal horse drawn carriage.

new playset showing the Royal Wedding day, and shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge riding in a special Royal horse drawn carriage


The HappyLand Royal Wedding Set is a limited edition and has been recently updated to show the colours which were actually worn on their wedding day. In the set the Duke of Cambridge is dressed in his Irish Guards uniform, complete with a sash, whilst the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing the beautiful white dress and flowers that are similar to that worn on their wedding day.

The horse-drawn carriage is gold trimmed and the Queen is dressed in a primrose yellow outfit. Prince Phillip and one of their favourite Corgis are protected by a Royal Cavalry soldier who is wearing his full uniform, and the playset also features a foot soldier wearing a smart red jacket and bearskin helmet.

The new playset costs £15 but has proved to be immensely popular already, with the Mothercare website reporting that it is currently out of stock.



The chief executive of Mothercare – Simon Calver, spoke to the Daily Telegraph and advised that the mums and toddlers chain were not looking to cash into the occasion, but were trying to help people to celebrate the day instead.

He said: “We’re looking to commemorate, celebrate, to have a bit of fun. Babies are going to be the thing people talk about this year.”

Another product that could possibly be included in the new commemorative range is a specially designed pram which would resemble a Royal horse-drawn carriage. Mothercare is the first retailer to launch a range especially designed to celebrate the Royal birth, but it is thought that they certainly will not be the last.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their baby to be born around the middle of July, which coincidentally is the same time as the Queen’s Coronation celebrations.

For more information please visit Mothercare.com

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