More Fun and Games to Spice Your Halloween

The Halloween season beckons and your head probably gets into a spin. You stop to wonder what the holiday will be like; not so much for you, perhaps, if you are a parent, as for the kids. Children have an innate affinity for fun and games. To keep them locked up watching TV or deployed to perform household chores throughout the festivities would be a bit too much for them to handle. Halloween events need not be expensive. In fact, you will be surprised that it is possible to enjoy a Halloween full of fun enjoyment and games almost for free. A little exposure to what has been happening in the world outside of your familiar territory is of invaluable use. Here is a sample of some fun and games that could keep you hooked throughout Halloween season. So much so, that you wouldn’t want it to end so soon.

The Halloween games can be grouped into two broad categories; the traditional fun and games and the innovative modern fun and games incorporated. If you have the knack for tradition and attach unwavering importance to certain rituals, ceremonies and practices associated with Halloween then the old fun and games is just the thing for you. You can savor the historical richness from the oral scripts with little or no alterations at all over the years; passed down generations but remain as pure as they were first played. Many of the traditional forms of the games played at Halloween are divination games.

In one Scottish classic Halloween game, the future spouse of an individual can be divined by carving an apple in a long peel then tossing it over one’s shoulders. The peel then is to land in the initial letter of the name of the individual’s future spouse or so it is believed. In yet another commendable classic, women were told to look into the mirror for hours on end in a dark room, that is if they were still single, in the hope of getting to see the face of their future spouse who it was said would appear momentarily in the mirror; given the  unmarried woman stared long enough.

Further, it was postulated that if the unmarried woman was bound to die before marriage, then there would be a skull to appear in the same mirror. One can imagine the horror and terror with which the women who dared play the game were possessed. Yet still, it is a game that has been played for years on end. Indeed it evidently has not seen the last of its time. I t will probably amaze you that many a young woman actually believed in this mythical creation. But it can be understood that with the weight and significance of Halloween anyone would be left with no choice but to believe in the promise and wonder of Halloween.

This tradition of Halloween was so popular that it was noted on greeting cards of the 19th and 20th C. You think you are done with the wonders of Halloween from the early days of its inception, you are utterly wrong. Another popular game from the early tradition of Halloween is the belief in wall nut shells writing of fortunes. People would write their wishes in milk on white paper before the paper would dry and be inserted into wall nut shells. The shell would then be warmed to result in the milk writing turning brown on an apparent blank paper. Another possible game you could try out in the classic category is the fortune-teller game. One would enter a dark room and asked to place their hand on ice and subsequently do the same on a platter. It was believed that heir fortune would be manifest on their palm.

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