Monty Python release Ministry of Silly Walks mobile game

It remains one of Monty Python’s most iconic sketches of today, and is held in high regard alongside ‘The Dead Parrot’, ‘The Spanish Inquisition’ and ‘The Lumberjack Song’. But now, one of the most famous sketches, the Ministry of Silly Walks, has been made into a game, and you are invited to don the bowler hat and black suit, made famous by John Cleese, as you stroll around London.

Monty Python Silly Walk Game

Of course, as Monty Python fans will remember, this is no ordinary walking task, as in the original sketch, Cleese exaggerated his walk with alternative long and short strides, high leg kicks and stretching and flexing. Players will be expected to ape his moves and even better them as they try to negotiate around obstacles, collecting coins as you successfully manoeuvre past.Monty Python Silly Walk Game

And as this is an official Monty Python product, you’ll also get to hear the original soundtrack that accompanied the TV version and a few expletives along the way. And as John Cleese is the guy who has lent his voice to the game, any swearing and you’ll know it’s the real thing.

The game is called The Silly Walk and you can download it on Apple iTunes, where it will set you back just $0.99. The aim, apart from avoiding the obstacles along the way, such as red British telephone boxes, park benches and piles of delivery packages, is to earn coins which you can then spend toe upgrade your suit. There are Union Jack or Tweed versions available.

Monty Python Silly Walk Game

You should also be aiming to improve your distance every time you play, but be warned, as there are not just dangers on the ground that are set to halt your progress, you need to be careful of airborne hazards such as flying birds that can put you off your stride.

The Silly Walk gaming app is available for iOS and Android and although it has received a great reaction from Android gamers, iOS users have been complaining that the game has caused their devices to crash on several times.

The release of the game coincides with a series of tours the remaining members of Monty Python have reunited for at the 02 arena in London, and the last show will be pretty special, as it will be broadcast live to over 450 cinemas across the UK.
John Cleese Twitter

Meanwhile, John Cleese has been promoting the new Silly Walks game, even having an online Twitter contest with his chum Stephen Fry, with the pair of them posting their scores. So who is winning? John at the moment, he’s racked up an impressive 3,135 metres.

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