Monster Decorations For Your Next Costume Or Halloween Party

Throwing a costume or a Halloween party is a lot of fun, but the decorations must be a big part of it in order to give the attendees a frightening good time. Welcoming them with the right decorations is great and to welcome them you can start with the Graveyard Ghoulies from ShinDigz. These graveyard ghoulies decorations are great to place on your front yard to give the party atmosphere to your guests even before they step in your house. The decorations are about 14 inches big and are made to give the effect of a rising ghoul. A couple of them in your yard are sure to be a hit.

The next decoration you should consider for your party is the Motion-Activated, Light-Up Halloween Twirling Ghost. Hang these ghosts in front of the main entrance and they will do the rest. The motion sensor will make the ghost start twirling the moment they sense someone is close enough. It is battery powered so it makes it even better because you do not have to worry about running wires. It also makes it a lot less threatening looking. Some people may believe it is simply a regular decoration and will get a bit jumpy when the ghost reacts to their movements. This ghost is definitely a lot of fun and will be the talk of everyone once they have walked in the door. It is great for the Halloween season, but also a hit at costume parties.

If you really want to push your decorations to the next level then think of a 5-1/2′ Life Size Witch with Fogging Cauldron. This decoration is really one of the best ones that you can get for your party or at Halloween time. The best thing about it is that it works perfectly. The cauldron’s mist gives it a great effect and though it looks really complicated in reality is really easy to put together. It is life size so you also get that extra guest to your party. Keep in mind though that because of the size of this decoration it is impossible to use batteries, so you need a power supply somewhere near, but the witch is so great that you will not mind getting a power cord close to it.

Another great and affordable decoration from ShinDigz is the Hairy Flying Vampire Bat. This decoration is very realistic and if it weren’t because it does not move people would stay away from it. That is why we love ShinDigz so much, their decorations are great looking and almost anyone can afford to get them. You can help these bats be even scarier with some strategic locations in places where people will not expect to find them. Hang them in dark places where they can surprise your guests. You can also hang them from the trees outside to give your yard the Halloween/party atmosphere right from the start.

If you want to give your yard a whole graveyard makeover then there is the Crypt Silhouette and Graveyard Fence also from ShinDigz. You have to be careful with this decoration as it is not the strongest one that you will find, however if you want it for a single Halloween season it will do the job perfectly. Soma assembly is required, but it will be something that your family can do together or that you can use for your scare party. The size is perfect even for a medium sized home. It is definitely an item that will give your home the final touches for a costume party or the Halloween season. 

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