Monogrammed Handkerchiefs – a Greener Alternative than Tissues

Monogram-med handkerchiefs look stylish too!

Monogram-med handkerchiefs look stylish too!

Handkerchiefs are very handy indeed! While most women have purses and hand bags stocked with tissue papers, handkerchiefs, cosmetics and other utility items, most men don’t. Hence carrying a hanky in the pocket of your jeans or trousers is the best and most convenient option. A good and clean hanky can come handy when you need to dab your forehead sweat or clean your running nose than wiping with your shirt sleeve or even lend one to a female counterpart! It is very multipurpose to carry a hanky as you don’t have to run around looking for tissue paper to deal with your sweating forehead or dripping nose. Handkerchiefs are also helpful to wipe off the dirt and dust from your face. Another important reason to carry a hanky is so that you can lend it to others when required. When women feel vulnerable, they will truly be pleased about the offer of your soft hanky to wipe off their tears! So don’t forget to carry a neat one in your pocket when taking your girlfriend or wife out for an emotional movie or funeral. It is such a polite gesture that will make them feel comfortable and cared for indeed! Plus the bonus is that they aren’t wasteful. They are reusable and decrease the amount of tissues you would otherwise use and throw away every time!

Handkerchiefs don’t necessarily have to be very fancy. A plain one will serve the same purpose and the function as the fancy one does. However, there is nothing wrong in carrying a slightly stylish one too! You can go for the ones which have your initial embroidered on them. This will add a sense of class and elegance to your simple hanky.

They are usually not very heavy on the pocket so you don’t have to fret much before lending one. An important thing to remember is that gentlemen don’t ask for their handkerchiefs back! The handkerchiefs come in various styles and colors. However, most colors for men are white, grey, navy blue, off-white, mustard, brown, cream, wine, tan, purple, beige, black, ivory etc. they are made from pure cotton hence the absorption of sweat and water is more.

Now-a-days, you can find most handkerchiefs with mammograms for men too. They add a special touch of elegance and practicality to the traditional handkerchiefs. My favorite one is the SAIN BANDED HANKY with a hand-rolled hem and satin banded edge. The Monogrammed handkerchiefs which are available at www.amazon.com also a very ideal gifting option for men. You have variety in terms of the embroidery, the monogram font choice, color threads etc. These handkerchiefs are a great choice whether you carry one in your pocket or give it as a gift. However, you should not confuse handkerchiefs with the pocket square. Those are pieces of cloth that stick out of your suit pocket.

They are expensive, usually of the fabric silk and not suitable for normal usage. So remember that hankie is carried in the pocket of your trousers and jeans and made up of pure cotton and linen. It is much more economical to use hankies than using tissues each time. So toss the tissues and stay clean and tidy with the classy handkerchiefs matching with your style statement. Not only saves your money, but also helps save the natural resources in replacing the boxes of tissue papers used each day. Besides, the soft fabric is much easier on your nose than the rough texture of the tissues. A pack of 12 hankies will last for years if washed properly and used in place of the tissues. So now you can conveniently go green with the hankies!

The cross motif with a name or initial is a very nice gifting option for Christmas or wedding or any other event. Usually hankies are made up of the fabric cotton and linen. However, for the more royal look, you can also check out the ones that come in pure Irish linen fabric. These personalized handkerchiefs with motifs and monograms are the perfect gifting option with a personal touch. With variety in terms of the woven check or sleek pinstripes, it is a classy gifting option indeed which is economical also!

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