Monkey Bedding for your little brat

Monkey bedding for your kid's room

Monkey bedding for your kid's room

Have you been looking for bedroom decorating ideas for your young one or teenage child? Do you want to have some spice in the room from the same boring contemporary beds and bedding? So here is the trick for you, go with monkey bedding! Not many teenagers like the old-fashioned and antique beds in their rooms to sleep on which they consider boring and outdated. Don’t feel sad when your child announces that they are too old for the monkey bedding theme in their room. This is because you can completely revolutionize the look of monkey bedding theme with a little creativity from your end. It necessarily doesn’t have to be based on the brown and beige color scheme, as everyone considers it to be. You can give the monkeys a complete make-over with colors such as purple and green! You can even play off the simple blues and grays with a tinge of bright red and orange in printed fabrics or other nautical prints that can blend well. These funky and abstract prints will definitely be loved by your child!

The most important aspect to keep under consideration when designing your teen’s bedroom is that it should be easy to clean yet looks very cool and trendy. This is one of the huge benefits obtainable from contemporary bedding themes! Despite the fact that the exotic hardwoods and sturdy construction will bump up the price tag, you can still dig up some best deals for you!    Pink, purple, blue and green monkeys don’t exist in the jungle or the zoo, but they do when decorating your kid’s bedroom! Purple and black bedding doesn’t necessarily have to dramatic and dark. There is huge variety available in the market these days in terms of the bedding fabrics and whimsical prints along with wild colors that look very panache and ape!

Those of you thinking that a complete make-over of the room will be heavy on the pocket, here is some advice for you! You can renovate the bedroom of your child by recycling the existing décor with funny monkey pictures, wall hangings, stuffed toys, changing the wall paint etc. The bedding fabrics are real fun to decorate your child’s room with printed monkeys swinging through the jungle, snacking on bananas, hanging monkeys on ropes etc. You can choose from a neutral background of beige to a green painted rainforest theme. There is no specific rule in decoration! In fact wild colors such as purple, lime green, hot pink, fluorescent green etc. all look extremely cool and trendy. You can even experiment the look of the room with a lot of parrots, exotic snakes, rare flowers in different colors etc.

This will create a virtual riot of colorful critters with realistic and imaginative color schemes! An important thing to keep in mind during decorating the room is that the focal point of the bedroom must be the monkeys. The monkeys in weird colors must be the star of the show in gaining all the attention! As for the walls, oatmeal or shades of light tan will be the best colors for this kind of theme. Leave aside the bright feathers, flowers and bugs and give room for the funky monkeys to take the forefront! You can also include some real and green non-toxic potted plants in the room too if there is ample sunlight coming in the room.

If you are intending to use blinds, go with the ones in natural wood such as timber or bamboo. The rattan bedroom furniture with bent twig benches and chairs will look super cool indeed. Hanging an off white or unbleached mosquito net canopy over the bed will be like the cherry on the cake! This will not only look very stylish, but also make your child get an extremely royal feel and warmth. You can also throw a purple shag rug with some big throw pillows on the floor in shapes of funky monkey heads. You can accessorize it with some beaded curtains in different colors. The look will be complete with appropriate lighting in the room complementing to the décor.   

So get ready to rock and roll in monkey style with the monkey bedding theme for your child today!

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