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Sleep is perhaps the most essential activity for a child and an adult alike. Particularly for babies, sleep is as important as food for their survival. That’s the reason why babies in the initial few weeks tend to sleep a lot. As new parents, there is hardly a moment that you will want to leave your baby. You might be on your toes all day long but still be sceptical to leave your little one in his or her crib to sleep alone. That’s because new parents are often too concerned about the safety of their baby. If you are one among them, I would recommend you to get a baby monitorto get some peace of mind.

While babies bring in a lot of happiness, what they also bring along are major responsibilities. A little one is entirely dependent on his or her parents for all the basic needs. This also includes the need of being safe and secure. Hence, parents are expected to stay around their babies almost always and monitor their safety. However this is not practically possible considering the several chores that a new mother needs to complete at home or at her workplace. This calls for a device like a baby monitor with camera that will make parenting easier.

Typically, a baby monitor is a transmitter-receiver unit. They can transfer sounds and images till up to 600 feet depending on the brand and the type you purchase. With a baby monitor, it becomes practically possible to monitor your baby almost always even while you are away. All you will need to do is install a baby monitor around your little one and stay rest assured. The baby monitor will keep showing you your baby’s videos and also transmit his or her sounds wherever you are in the house and help you keep an eye on your little one’s safety. A specially designed baby monitor like the Safety First baby monitor will help you supervise your baby from kitchen, living room or even your patio. These monitors will send out alerts if there is any irregularity in your baby’s motions while he or she is asleep or simply playing. These alerts will help you take necessary action to ensure your child’s safety. I was a very worried mum myself. Cooking or attending official calls leaving my baby in her crib was the last thing on my mind. I always felt – what if she tangles herself in the blanket? What if she hurts herself while rolling? However, I have brought my baby a lot of security and have brought a lot of peace of mind for myself by getting the Graco iMonitor. With this, I always have a ear on my baby. Designed for efficiency, Graco iMonitor can work well even at over 200 feet. This is just the ideal partner for me that lets me do my cooking in the kitchen and other important chores in the backyard while my baby enjoys her sleep in the cosiness of her crib.

Baby monitors could be just audio devices or have the ability to shoot videos too. It all depends on you to pick the one that will best suit your level of concern as well as budget. The video baby monitors are slightly higher priced than the audio ones. Whatever type you choose, it is important that you select your baby monitor after a careful evaluation of the features it will provide. While it is true that the more your budget, the better quality you will get; it is still possible to get the purpose fulfilled in a lesser price. There are several baby monitors available in the market. Safety First baby monitors, Graco baby monitors, Bebe baby monitors, Summer baby monitors and a lot others. The basic purpose of all these baby monitors is to ensure your child’s safety and reduce the identified risks associated with SIDS.

With baby monitors around, parenting has become easier and convenient. Above all, it has become safer. The fact that you can monitor your baby and simultaneously complete your daily chores is a boon to parenting. It will not just relieve you of the stress but also reduce any risks for your child as you will alerted by the monitor in case of any minimal abnormality. Thanks to technology, you baby is safer today!

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