Money Saving for Coffee Drinkers

If you’re a frequent coffee drinker you might be wondering how to save some pennies on your daily drink. Chances are you buy your coffee from the supermarket. It’s always worth looking for deals, but it might also be worth trying cheaper brands. Perhaps have two jars of instant in your cupboard: a posh instant for special days and a cheaper one for everyday. The leading supermarkets all do a value instant coffee at a keen price of less than a 1p per cup. Asda SmartPrice Instant Coffee, Tesco Value Instant Coffee and Sainsbury Basics Instant Coffee are all priced at 47p per 100g. Pop one into your basket next time you shop and compare the taste to your usual brand. You could also mix a value coffee with your usual brand half-and-half to make it go further. If you’ve a lawn full of weeds it could also make your coffee go further. Dandelion root can be roasted as a coffee alternative and is easy to prepare at home. Younger dandelions are easiest to dig up. Make sure you wash the roots thoroughly and then they can be chopped up and roasted, or roasted and ground. Take care as some people can be allergic to dandelion.

It can also be a smart move to buy coffee in bulk if you have access to a wholesaler or discount club. Office supply shops often sell coffee too and might be worth checking out in terms of prices.

Out and about look for deals such as coffee with a pastry or muffin. Pubs and independent cafes are often cheaper than chains and some restaurants offer free coffees with meals or free refills. If you must visit a chain coffee shop, see if they have a loyalty card.

Here are some more top tips for frugal coffee drinkers:

  • Don’t forget to take home any unused coffee sachets at the end of an hotel stay.
  • Make up a flask of coffee for the day in the morning to save repeatedly boiling the kettle.
  • Ground coffee can often be reused the next day. Store in the fridge.
  • Take your own coffee to work rather than visiting expensive coffee shops.
  • When comparing prices, work out the price per 100g as coffee can come in different jar sizes. 100g grams of instant coffee works out at about 50 cups.

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