Money Saving Apps for Motorists

What with petrol prices soaring, road tax increasing every time there is a budget and the cost of car maintenance repairs on the rise, it makes sense to save money where ever you can. But have you ever thought of using an app to save you money? Canny motorists are looking to their iPhones in an attempt to stem the rising costs of motoring and we have some of the best money saving apps on the market and the good news is a couple are even free

Good Garage Scheme – iPhone – Free

Good Garage

You’ll find that independent garages typically offer cheaper services than main dealers (generally £50 per hour rather than £100) and it shouldn’t affect your warranty. Problem is, how do you tell a garage monkey from a reputable mechanic? Well, the Good Garage Scheme solves that problem as the garages that sign up to it have to agree to a specific code of conduct in which the customer agrees to all the work before it is carried out and they have a complaints system in place. With over 3,000 garages to choose from, this app shows exactly where they all are.

VoucherCloud – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows – Free


Does exactly what you’d think it does, provides vouchers for anything car related so before you buy check it on the app and download the voucher for your purchase. Show the voucher at the point of sale or quote a code number and reap the rewards. Examples include 10% from National Tyres and Autocare for tyres and batteries, Toyota drivers could get 10% off servicing and Avis were offering 10% off their car rental prices.

GreenMeter – iPhone – £3.49

Green Meter

This app saves you money by showing you how to not use petrol by driving more efficiently. It features a host of graphs and controls to show you exactly where you are wasting fuel, if you accelerate too fast the eco friendly dial will swing from green to red which encourages you to press more lightly on the fuel pedal. Although it costs £3.49 it does encourage by keeping track of your last journey’s efficiency and thus making you want to beat it every trip.

Petrol Prices Pro – iPhone – £2.99

Petrol Prices

What you would expect, an app that shows you where you can purchase the cheapest petrol in and around your area. It uses data collected from the petrolprices website which is downloaded automatically from tens of thousands of fuel card users. Offering a comprehensive map of the cheapest leaded, unleaded and diesel fuel, this app will save you pounds at the fuel pumps and time as you don’t have to search online before you go out.

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