Can New Moms Do Without the Diaper Genie?

New moms have enough to deal with; the sleepless nights, getting their new borns to breast feed, becoming adjusted to being new parents, so it is no wonder that diapers are the last on their list of things to worry about. But as soon as you have fed them, you have to start thinking about what is going to come out! Luckily for moms these days, diapers have come a long way since our parents were mothers. Remember washing lines full of cotton nappies? Not any more thank goodness. But disposing of diapers has always been a problem, until John Hall came up with the creation of the Diaper Genie. An ingenious baby diaper disposal system that hygienically deposits your dirty diapers within a sealed plastic container.

The Diaper Genie consists of a large plastic container with a plastic lid. You open the lid of the container and place your diapers into the mouth of it individually. When you have closed the lid you rotate it three times and the system then seals them within a scented film that protects against germs and odors. When the container is full of dirty diapers you can empty it by removing the bottom of the canister and the diapers will come out, still fully sealed. These are known as a ‘diaper sausage’. For how to buy and more information on Diaper Genies and check out http://www.playtexbaby.com but here is some product info for you:

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie II Advanced Disposal System – $34.99

The Diaper Genie® Disposal System has all the requirements moms need when it comes to diaper pails:

  • Patent pending double-locked pail design and multi-layer refill helps seal in odor and germs
  • Antimicrobial protection inhibits odor-causing bacteria
  • Diapers only touch refill film, not the pail, so no messy residue is left behind
  • Foot pedal allows for easy, hands-free opening
  • Ergonomic, no need to bend down
  • Made in the USA

Playtex® Diaper Genie II Elite® System Refill – $7.99

  • This Playtex baby product is BPA (Bisphenol-A) free.
  • Seven-layer film with odor barrier technology is part of the revolutionary AIR-TITE that locks in odors better than the competition.
  • Each refill cassette has enough film to hold up to 180 diapers.
  • This refill is for use only with the Playtex Diaper Genie II: Advanced Disposal System.
  • Unscented.

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