10 of the Best Modern Twig Christmas Trees for 2019

Whether it is because of the environment, space or ease of decorating, many people are searching for modern twig Christmas trees. We can see why. They are versatile, you can use them every year and they don’t take up much room.

These 10 modern twig Christmas trees caught our eye:

Next 220 LED 6ft Twig Tree: £50.00

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

A 6ft Christmas twig tree that is glamorous and sparkles with 220 white LED lights.

Wayfair Frosted 4 ft. Silver Artificial Christmas Tree: £39.99

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

It is the shape that we like the most here. It may be only 4ft but it spreads out to create a lovely scene. It is pre-lit with 72 warm LED lights.

4ft Christmas Holly Leaf Tree with Red Berries: £43.99

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

This is perfect if you prefer something a little more realistic. It features 48 warm bulbs which nestle amongst the leaves and berries.

Xmas3 SKU203 Assemble Christmas Tree: £80.62

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

A modern Christmas tree here using steamed Slovenian wood. There are 48 branches to hang decorations or lights from. We love the simple and elegant design. Easy to assemble and packs away in a small space.

White Birch Christmas Tree with Copper Wire LED’s: £94.50

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

This is such an unusual twig tree, we love the way the branches spread out with LED lights on each twig. It is really effective as a tree on its own, or use your decorations to enhance the look. It is 1.5m tall and boasts 406 white and warm bulbs.

John Lewis & Partners Pre-Lit Birch Twig Tree, Pure White, 6ft: £89.00

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

Tall enough to stand out but still slim and compact. We like this tree as it is pre-lit with pure white static fairy lights. It looks great with decorations or left on its own.

Gold LED Christmas Tree: £169.50

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

This modern twig tree gives out the most gorgeous warm golden light. The tree is a matt gold and there are 504 static and 72 flashing LED bulbs.

6ft Outdoor Branch Tree, White and Warm White LEDs: £49.99

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

Minimalist, simple and effective. This is a tall twig tree standing at 1.8m and suitable for indoors and outdoors. It features 124 warm and white LED bulbs.

Trouva 55cm Natural Wood Tree Decorations: £84.00

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

Perfect for a desktop or work surface or for placing on a windowsill. This natural wood tree can be decorated with Christmas baubles or lights and comes flat packed for convenience.

1.8 m Snowy Berry Brown Birch Twig Tree Pre Lit: £39.99

Modern Twig Christmas Trees

Suitable for indoors or outside, this 6ft tree features 120 snowy prelit warm lights and an 8m length cable. You can also position the branches and the twigs feature red berries for that festive glow.



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