Model Wife of Michael Bublé in Latest Ultimo OMG! Campaign

In Argentina, Michael Bublé actually gets pushed aside as fans clamour to get closer to his model wife – Luisana Lopila. So well know is she in her home country that it is she that warrants all the attention, allowing the super handsome crooner a well deserved break. Perhaps this is why the founder of Ultimo lingerie, Michelle Mone OBE, chose her to front her latest campaign, that and the fact that she is gorgeous! The launch, or should I say ‘relaunch’ of the original ‘Miracle OMG’ bra, is set to coincide with Valentine’s Day, making it an ideal gift or self purchase for ladies all over the UK. The bra was actually originally worn by Julia Roberts in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, boosting the actress’s modest assets to a more wow factor size.

The gel filled bra was one of the first bras launched by Ultimo and is said to boost a ladies cleavage by upto two cup sizes, and it was this factor that lead Ultimo to success here and abroad. It is thought that even patients who did not want to undergo breast enhancement surgery were recommended the bra by cosmetic surgeons. Michelle Mone, 40, says of the design of the bra, “The Miracle OMG is how it all started and still remains one of our best products. The Miracle OMG is a real showstopper and when you have worn it once you will be amazed – not only by the result but also how great it feels to wear. It’s not called the OMG for nothing.”

So what does Luisana, 24, think of the OMG bra? Surely she does not need any extra help in the cleavage area? “This bra makes your cleavage look fantastic and it’s so comfortable to wear – it really gives the wow factor.” Which is just as well as she has just signed a two year contract to model for Ultimo and sales since she signed up have rocketed by a massive 37%. Michelle calls this the ‘Lopilato effect’ and is thankful to Luisana and all the other Ultimo models (Tamara Ecclestone and Amy Childs also modelled for the brand in 2011). She commented, “This year we have unveiled some amazing images designed to best showcase our collections and it has been fantastic to be involved with some incredible women. Signing Michael Buble’s wife Luisana is one of our biggest international stars and the response we have had has been phenomenal.” Apparently it was not easy to get the international star to sign up for her however. Michelle tells us, “It took me a long time to get her but I refused to give up.” UK viewers may know her from the Michael Bublé video ‘I Just Haven’t Met You Yet’, in which Luisana plays his would be girlfriend.

A spokesperson for Ultimo has been explaining the collection for us, which includes the ‘timeless’ pale green and navy Evangeline which is ‘elegantly flirtatious’, while the silky animal print Mirage collection is designed to ‘reveal the inner temptress.’ There is also the retro-inspired Spy collection which is, says Ultimo, ‘sophisticate meets bombshell’, creating a seductive silhouette. Michelle Mone OBE says, “Women want to feel confident in their underwear by choosing a style of lingerie that accentuates all the right places. Luisana is a natural beauty and I’m delighted to have her on board for two years. The new collection is not only very sophisticated and feminine but feels comfortable as well so that you have that confidence from the inside out.” And the new protege, Luisana, added, “I loved shooting the Ultimo campaign and usually have to wear plain underwear when I’m filming so it was incredible to be wearing such gorgeous lingerie. I love the colour of Evangeline – the mint green really highlights my skin tone but the lace gives it that sexy edge. The high-waisted shorts of Spy create gorgeous feminine curves which make you feel amazing.”

Some sad news however, although the company appears to be moving from strength to strength, the marriage of Michelle to her husband Michael, after 19 years, has unfortunately come to an end. Ms Mone revealed as much in a statement before Christmas that she was separating from her husband.

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