Misfit launches Swarovski Shine – Sparkling wearable tech

Wearable technology has been the phrase on everyone’s lips in the last couple of years, the problem was that most pieces were too chunky, too functional-looking, well, just too damn ugly.

The Swarovski Shine

Now this is all about to change as Misfit has partnered up with Swarovski to produce the Swarovski Shine, a new kind of wearable technology that not only uses solar power to charge it, but looks absolutely stunning.

Misfit CEO Sonny Vu talked about teaming up with Swarovski as a “match made in heaven” and said that the company were looking for an instantly identifiable brand to partner with:

“We were looking for a global brand, that’s well known in the US and China, with a design language that was immediately recognisable, and a design language that was interesting. Shine, sparkle, it all made sense,” he said.

So far there are two versions available, a clear crystal that utilises a battery, and a gorgeous purple variant, which is embedded with solar cells. The battery life on the clear crystal Swarovski Shine lasts for around 8 months, but the purple one charges from the sun’s rays. The actual Shine crystal can be worn in either a watch/bracelet form or as a necklace.

Experts at Misfit state that wearers need only to expose the purple Shine to light for 10-15 minutes each day for the device to charge sufficiently. You can even expose the Shine to indoor light, such as lamps to recharge it.

Charging the purple Shine using solar power technology

The reason the solar power technology is only available in the purple Shine is because apparently the colour purple deals with the incoming light better, and the darker color hides the solar panels on the surface of the device.

Vu explained in more detail how the Swarovski crystal is key to the design of the watch:

“The problem is that normally a solar cell this size isn’t going to be that effective at harvesting energy as it can’t get enough sunlight. But here, the Swarovski crystal actually refocuses light back onto the cell. The design works in tandem with the technology,” Vu added.

Swarovski Shine devices features

As for the tech side, the Swarovski Shine devices feature the same step and activity tracking technology, as well as sleep monitoring, with data delivered via the Misfit smartphone app. And of course, all Shines are completely waterproof.


You can now pre-order the Swarovski Shine in bundles ranging from $169 and $249, with items in the bundles including sports bands, bracelet carriers and reversible pendants. The accessories are also available separately, which means you can swap the sporty plastic band worn during the day for the pendant in the evening.

Only the crystal version is available to pre-order from Misfit, and as yet no prices have been confirmed for the purple energy Shine version.

The Shine Review

So far response from tech and fashion experts has been extremely favourable, with comments such as this fairly typical:

“Shine is the first truly fashion forward activity tracker, and Swarovski leads the way in the fashion jewelry and accessories market globally. This collaboration pushes the envelope as to how beautiful technology can be,” said Syuzi Pakhchyan, wearables designer and author of Fashioning Tech,.

For more information visit Misfit.com and Swarovski.com

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