How to Safely Transport Large Mirrors

How do you transport large mirrors? No, it’s not a joke; it’s a serious question. Imagine that you’ve just found a large and beautiful antique mirror that would look wonderful in your hallway. What’s the safest way of getting your mirror from the antique shop to your home without incurring seven years’ bad luck on the way?

Or suppose that you’re moving house. Most of your possessions can be bubble-wrapped and boxed for safe transportation to your new home, but what about that huge and delicate bathroom mirror? An unexpected jolt could result in a large pile of mirror shards unless you take proper precautions to transport your mirror safely.

Luckily, it’s not difficult. Just follow our tips for safely moving mirrors and you’ll be able to reflect upon a job well done (see what we did there)?

How to Safely Transport Large Mirrors

Step 1: Mask your mirror

Take a roll of decorator’s masking tape and create a large ‘X’ from corner to corner of your mirror on both the front and the back (if it’s a round or oval mirror, use your judgement to create equal ‘X’s on either side).

Now make four smaller masking tape crosses within each of the quarters created by the large ‘X’, again on both sides of the mirror. Despite being made from glass, mirrors are very slightly flexible (comparable to the flexibility of a window pane that doesn’t shatter when a bird flies into it).

Masking your mirror performs two functions: firstly it provides extra stability whilst still allowing the mirror to bend slightly in the event of bumps and knocks and secondly, in the event of a worst-case scenario, the masking tape should hold the majority of fragments of a broken mirror together.

Step 2: Bring on the bubble-wrap

Bubble-wrap is truly the saviour of fragile items when it comes to transportation, and mirrors are no exception. Carefully wrap your mirror with bubble-wrap ensuring that no part of the mirror, and especially any corners, remains exposed. If available, further protection can be added by placing the bubble-wrapped mirror between two sheets of stiff corrugated cardboard of slightly larger dimensions than the mirror and secured with more masking tape.

Step 3: Blanket and box your mirror

If you have a thick blanket, quilt or eiderdown you should now wrap this around your mirror before finally placing the whole thing in a suitably-sized box or other container. The bubble-wrapped and blanketed mirror should not be able to move within this box, so apply extra padding if necessary (balled newspaper, for example). Seal the box with packing tape and be sure to clearly mark that the box contains a mirror and is fragile.

Step 4: Transport your mirror appropriately

If your mirror is being transported with other items as part of a house move it should ideally rest on one of its longer sides in an upright position and be placed within the removal van in such a way that the box cannot move during transit and will not be crushed or impacted as a result of other objects moving. If you are transporting your mirror by car and with no other objects it may be laid flat but again care should be taken to ensure that your mirror cannot move around as you drive.

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