Miracle Ultimo Body Suit allows you to wear Backless Party Dresses

Many women put off wearing backless dresses because they cannot find a suitable bra that they can wear underneath. If you are a larger than life lady you particularly need the support that a bra gives you and do not want to go without one. But now there seems to be a solution; the new Miracle bodysuit from Ultimo has been designed especially for woman who want to wear backless dresses yet still want support whatever size bra they take. The bodysuit incorporates a corset-style front that provides maximum support, but is cut low everywhere else to leave the back exposed. Ultimo claim that the bodysuit works just as well as a normal bra. And that’s not all it does. A spokesperson for the brand says that it also ‘transforms the silhouette’ by controlling the stomach, smoothing out the hips, and at the same time boosting and shaping the bust. The bodysuits are available in cup sizes A to G, so skinny and voluptuous ladies can wear them.

Backless dresses can look stunning on, but they are difficult to wear because of the problems with finding the correct underwear to wear with them. In fact, all but the thinnest of women tend to shop for them as they can get away without wearing a bra underneath. As Michelle Mone OBE, founder of Ultimo, states, “Fuller-chested women tend to stay away from backless styles because they feel apprehensive about going without a bra. Miracle shapewear has been engineered to change that by providing all the support of a bra yet leaving the back exposed. This will allow women to feel much more confident stepping out in styles they may have previously avoided. Backless styles are very much in vogue this party season. We hope that we can help take a lot of the hassle out of party dress shopping for women by giving them all the secret support they need for their perfect dress.”

Ultimo has released a range of 12 ‘Miracle Shapewear’ which are designed to combat love handles, muffin tops and bulging tummies and the bodysuit is part of this range. They have also designed a new ‘frontless’ bodysuit for dresses that have a low cleavage at the front. This bodysuit features a gap between the breast cups (they are held together by an invisible strap) to ensure that no bra fabric is visible when wearing a cleavage-revealing dress. If you want to buy any of the styles then they will be available in Debenhams from today and can also be purchased on the Ultimo website.

Celebrities have been spotted wearing backless dresses this year, with both Hilary Swank and Cheryl Cole recently seen on the red carpet in backless styles. Here is the blurb for the Ultimo Bodysuit:

A new improved fit and refined design gives the perfect backless fashion solution from Ultimo. A sleek design, cleaner fit and smooth finish with ‘Secret support’ inner structure. Engineered specifically to create lift and the smooth balcony cups create a natural shape. Comes with perspex and fabric straps to create a variety of looks. The Ultimo backless body gives you a support from your chest down to your waistline for a slender silhouette. A-D comes with removable Gel for 2 cleavage looks. D-G no gel. Standard delivery within 4 working days Free! Buy from www.debenhams.com just search for Ultimo Miracle or visit www.ultimo.co.uk

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