Adonia StemuTone – Beauty cream with plant stem cells set to be UK’s biggest seller

A beauty cream with plant stem cells as one of its ingredients has sold more than 10,000 tubes since it went on sale in the UK, and as such, sold-out within 48 hours. A favourite of Hollywood A List stars such as CSI Miami’s Meghan Markle, Spy Kid’s Alexa Vega, Wilson Phillip’s Chynna Phillips and Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn, Adonia Stemutone serum costs a mere £24, but has similar effects to a cosmetic prodecure.

Adonia Stemutone - anti ageing cream

In clinical trials, tests showed that after 3 days it significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and body wrinkles an average of 32% on a full-body evaluation. After 28 days of further reduction of 78% was observed. And you don’t need that much of the serum to attain these results. Just apply the serum in the morning and right before bedtime, using your finger to place small dots of serum on the needed area, and massage each dot until the serum penetrates the skin. Once you see your desired results, use Adonia StemuTone 4-5 times a week.

The serum contains stem cells from super plants which are known to be totipotent. This means they are able to continuously regenerate new, whole plants. These stem cells are the precursors to producing plant tissues. Other ingredients include fennel oil which helps with oily skin, and mature complexions, carrot seed oil to tone, smooth skin giving a more youthful appearance, geranium oil to clean, soothe, soften, and restore a natural well-balanced glow and organic cheery, known as a “super fruit” to contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all fruits and has been shown to be beneficial in calming the skin.

The super serum is currently only available directly online from stemutone.com

And despite the economy falling into a triple dip recession, people are still concerned about their looks and are thought to be searching for a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery, which has promoted a rise in sales of beauty creams that have proved to be effective.

A spokesman for Adonia Stemutone said: ‘These plant-based stem cells jump-start the sluggish cells that are in your skin, prompting them to act younger and more efficiently to make the entire body look great again.

‘As soon as your skin’s stem cells rejuvenate, body wrinkles and saggy skin become a problem of the past.’

Before/ And after 3 days of treatment

Before/ And after 3 days of treatment

Independent beauty expert Nuz Shugga whose clients include Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, said the product was used by celebrities ahead of public events.

She said: ‘My celebrity clients are often looking for a beauty fix ahead of Red Carpet Events to tone and smooth the skin. I always recommend Stemutone. Containing natural botanical ingredients, the results can be seen within just 3 days of usage. It’s a great at-home body treatment to combat the signs of ageing on arms, hands. legs neck and chest.’


The makers of Adonia StemuTone say that one bottle should last for around 105 average applications, depending on the area or body part covered. It is a highly concentrated serum and a little goes a long way. And if you don’t trust what the makers say, don’t worry, the serum has been independently tested by one of the top cosmetics laboratories in the country.

Their study concluded that Adonia StemuTone delivered an average decrease in 3 days it significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and body wrinkles an average of 32% on a full-body evaluation. After 28 days of further reduction of 78% was observed. In addition, Adonia StemuTone Serum passed Safety/regulatory status in the USA and the European Union, passed a Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study, and passed a Skin Irritation Study.

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