Miracle ‘Botox’ cream reduces wrinkles in 45 seconds

Instantly Ageless
The power of social media has proved yet again that an infomercial can cause sales of a product to sky rocket.

The product in question is a new anti-aging eye cream from beauty brand Jeunesse called Instantly Ageless.

The product is being hailed as ‘botox in a cream’, as the results are almost instantaneous.

The infomercial shows a woman applying the cream to her eye bags, and then a beautician sets a timer which the viewer watches counts down the seconds.

45 seconds later, the woman’s eye bags look considerably reduced

After only what appears to be 45 seconds later, the woman’s eye bags look considerably reduced, with puffiness dramatically decreased and wrinkles faded.

A statement on Jeunesse’s website says that Instantly Ageless works because it is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that contains a revolutionary ingredient called argireline.  This is a peptide that works just like botox but does not require any needles.

The infomercial has now gone viral, since it has been spotted popping up on Facebook accounts, and despite the microcream costing a pretty hefty $74.95 for a box of 50, the product has sold out.

45 seconds later, the woman’s eye bags look considerably reduced

Information on the Jeunesse website states that the formula for Instantly Ageless has been ‘meticulously developed’. The cream is lightweight and, judging from the video, a little certainly goes a long way.

The cream contains a mixture of skin-conditioning complex of minerals that work to even out skin tone. Jeunesse state that:

“It’s specifically designed to target areas which have lost elasticity – revealing visibly toned, lifted skin.”

It is thought that many other anti-aging beauty brands use argireline in their products, however, Jeunesse say that:

“Though argireline is one of the most widely recognized anti-aging treatments, not all formulas may work because a precise composition of argireline is needed to achieve maximum results.Developing the right formula is a perfect science.”

45 seconds later, the woman’s eye bags look considerably reduced

The Instantly Ageless cream also contain anti-aging favourites such as skin tightening silicates.

“Sodium silicate and magnesium aluminium silicate are an exclusive blend of two different silicates which, when combined, promote a tightening effect on the skin,’ says the beauty brand.

“These silicates retract skin so pores appear smaller and wrinkles look lifted.”

When applying Instantly Ageless however, the makers Jeunesse do advise that a little extra care is taken after application. Once the cream is dabbed onto the area to be treated, the person should remain expressionless for at least two to three minutes. This is in order to get the maximum benefits from the cream.

You should ideally wait until the cream has completely dried.

Products range in price from one vial costing $7.74 (£4.99) to 25 vials at $155 (£99.99).

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