10 of the Best Supermarket Mince Pies for 2018

Love them or hate them, they’re always around at Christmas. I’m talking about mince pies of course. But which are the best supermarket mince pies for 2018?

Here’s our pick of the crop:

Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies, 6 – £2.50

mince pies

These will please the traditionalists in any family. A buttery pastry packed with vine fruit that is juicy and plump. Best heated up with a dollop of cream.

Sainsbury’s Stollen Mince Pies, Taste the Difference, 6 – £2.50

mince pies

Fans of stolen and mince pies can have their cake and eat it with these mash-ups from Sainsbury’s. They are also great if you love marzipan and are not that bothered about having too much mincemeat.

Deluxe All Butter Frangipane Mince Pies

mince pies

If you don’t like getting that pesky mincemeat stuck in your teeth, this may be a great solution. The filling is blended more like a jam and then finished with a lovely marzipan topping. Also available in a butterscotch variety.

Aldi Specially Selected Mini Mince Pies, 6 – £1.79

mince pies

Your guests will be coming back for more when they see these mini treats. Two different flavours so why not have one each? A traditional mini mince pie with a hint of orange, and a spiced caramel version with a chocolate pastry case.

Morrison’s The Best Black Forest Mince Pie Crumbles, 6 – £2

mince pies

Many supermarkets are heading down the black cherry route this year with their mince pies. These are one of our favourites. Not too sweet with a generous amount of alcohol and a lovely chocolate case. The topping is different too with a crumble made from all-butter and glitter for added sparkle.

Asda Extra Special 6 All Butter Mince Pies – £1.39

Mince Pies

Stick these in the freezer for emergencies and simply defrost and heat up. Well-balanced between fruit and pastry and we liked the citrus undertones.

Heston from Waitrose Chocolate And Cherry Mince Pies, 6 – £3.00

Mince Pies

I wasn’t a fan of Heston’s offering last year of lemon mince pies. They were too big, too sweet and the pastry was weird. I have to say, however, this year he has nailed it. The chocolate pastry has improved and the filling is delicious cherry mincemeat with Heston’s own cherry Bakewell vodka for an added kick. Finished with a crumble top.

M&S Collection Mince Pies, 6 – £2.50

Mince Pies
You could pass these off as your own they look homemade. We recommend that you heat them up and dust with icing sugar. These mince pies are filled with a lovely combo of cranberries and cherries. This makes them slightly tart which is great for those who don’t like their mince pies too sweet.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter Mice Pies, 6 – £2

Mince Pies

For those that love their minces pies filled deeply and packed with mincemeat then you can’t go wrong with these. A nice kick of brandy and lovely crumbly pastry so eat over a plate if you don’t want to make a mess.

Co-op Spiced Salted Caramel & Rum Mince Pies, 4 – £2

Mince Pies

A contemporary twist on the traditional mince pie here from the Co-op. two varieties; they both contain mincemeat but one includes cherries and port and the other is a mixture of nuts and spiced salted caramel.


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