Midnight launch for Microsoft Surface

window surface 8It’s known as the witching hour, but it will be gadgets rather than ghouls coming out to play at the launch of Microsoft’s new device.

The Washington multinational, founded by Bill Gates, is planning a midnight launch of its new gadget, the Surface tablet, on October 25.

Microsoft has found itself falling behind Google in value for the first time recently with the search engine giant having a current value of $249.9bn, compared to Microsoft’s $247.2bn.

Analysts say the development is just another sign that the technology sector is shifting away from hardware sales towards mobile technology.

So Microsoft will be putting its fingers in the mobile technology pie – and hoping consumers want a slice – when it makes its foray into the tablet market.

Microsoft will also be using the opportunity to launch Windows 8, its new dual operating system.

No announcement on a UK launch has been made just yet, but both products will be available at a series of pop-up stores in America, which are due to be opened especially for the launch on the morning of October 26th.

Microsoft Surface Operating System

Surface will, of course, use the new Windows 8 operating system with Microsoft hoping it will be enough to tempt customers away from devices made by rivals Apple and Google. The firm believes its new innovation will encourage users to replace their iPads and Windows 7 laptops with new ones running with Windows 8.

window surfaceThe update is being touted as the system’s biggest revolution in almost two decades.

Microsoft Surface Specifications

As yet, we haven’t got all the specifications of Surface and the price is also still to be confirmed, but Microsoft did say earlier in the year that its new tablets would cost a “competitive” amount.

What we do know is the tablet will come in two different sizes and will have stands so you can have them upright if you want to watch movies.

So far, Microsoft has been remaining very tight-lipped so we still don’t know what RAM the tablet will be packing or what length of time the battery life will be.

This year has already given us some very impressive tablets, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Google Nexus 7. There are also those iPad Mini rumours so the Surface certainly has plenty of competition.

But Microsoft believes its device can compete with the best. “Head out knowing that you are ready for anything,” it says on the Surface website.

Thin and light, Surface is 9.3mm, which is still enough to have a full-sized USB port. It also comes with an integrated kickstand and 3mm pressure sensitive cover which doubles as your keyboard. The Touch Cover will come in five colors – black, white, pink, blue and red.

There will be two cameras, the front LifeCam that you can use for video calls and the rear-facing camera that will allow you to record meetings and events. It has stereo speakers and dual microphones which Microsoft says have been “tuned for Skype to help you sound like you are right next door.”

So far, so good but we’ll just have to wait into the launch until we find out more about whether the Surface has the features, and the right price, to be a real competitor in the table market.

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