Midges: Dealing with Unwanted Attention

Midges are funny creatures. They sting very specific people, and it is entirely possible that you, like myself, sleep next to someone who is stung all over. Meanwhile, you wake up smooth and unbitten while they itch in places they didn’t even know existed! It appears midges are quite discerning and bite only a select section of the populace. But if you do get bitten by midges quite a lot, you’ll need to know what will and won’t work to keep them off of yourself!

One thing you must realise is that mosquito netting will not work. As midges are so small, they will simply get in anyway; they can fit through the holes. While it’s tempting to try this easy resolution – and while it can help if you’re plagued by mosquitoes – it will not work against midges at all.

There are expensive units available that will sit in your front garden and exude a combination of gases mimicking the breath of a cow. Midges enjoy biting cows more than they enjoy biting humans, and this will lure them in quite effectively. They become trapped inside the device and will die inside. While this may be a very efficient method, it costs almost £500 to start out. Why not try some cheaper options, first?

Insect repellents containing DEET are very effective at repelling midges, so obviously they can be a great idea. If, however, you are plagued by midges inside your own home, you may very well find this a ludicrous proposition. If this is the case, citronella products can help keep midges out of your room. Avon’s Skin So Soft is known to repel many insects, but can be quite greasy when applied and as such not everyone enjoys it. Alternatively, foodstuffs including Marmite, garlic and onions have been said to repel midges and can be tried.

In any case, keeping the window shut is a good way to keep midges out of your bedroom. However, when the weather is warm this can be a difficult thing to keep up. Invest in fans and consider installing a ceiling fan; you may find they keep you sufficiently cool without necessitating opening a window.

Should you be unlucky enough to, like my husband, be allergic to midge bites, then being bitten will result in hard, hot, red lumps forming under the skin. See your doctor; hydrocortisone creams can help you deal with these lumps more rapidly, and keeping them moisturised is a good idea in general.

In any case, best of luck defeating the midges that may or may not be making your life a living hell! Hopefully a nice cold winter will do away with them for a few months, and you’ll be better armed to fight them next year.

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