Microsoft will transform your world with holograms using HoloLens.

HoloLens Microsoft

HoloLens Microsoft

Image sitting at your work desk, but instead of a computer screen, you are inside a space ship, expertly conducting intricate experiments for NASA that will save the world? Or how about walking to your local supermarket, but rather than popping out for a pint of milk, you are actually on a secret spy mission for the CIA and are meeting a KGB member who has turned.

The HoloLens

Sound pretty far-fetched right? Not anymore, as Microsoft has revealed what tech experts are calling their defining moment. The HoloLens is a device worn over the eyes that transforms the world you see with holograms.

As Microsoft state: ‘When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see.’

The tech giants believe that holograms are the next natural stage in computing, and want technology to become more personal. To this end, a team have created a new holographic platform, where our physical lives combine seamlessly with our digital ones. But what does this mean exactly? How can sticking on a visor help you in your real life?

HoloLens Microsoft

HoloLens Microsoft

How HoloLens works and its features

Microsoft believe that holograms can not only help you improve the way you do things every day, but also assist with things you’ve never done before. The HoloLens allows you to design and create your own holograms, which means that you can now use them in any way you want. They will form part of your surroundings, and will appear as real as the physical objects in the room.

You can change their shape to fine-tune a design, rework them to suit a particular project, or just use them for fun. The difference between old style heads-up display holograms and the Microsoft HoloLens is that the real world is always visible. The way it works is that the HoloLens starts off by mapping the room you’re in, and then blending in the holograms with this environment.

These holograms are pinned to certain physical locations so that you can then use the room as a canvas for your projects and games. Once this is done you can then start interacting with both the holograms and everyday objects together.

HoloLens Microsoft

HoloLens Microsoft

And the best bit is that there’s no mouse or joystick to use, you simply gesture with your hands and use your eyes to move and navigate. The HoloLens will understand all your movements and your voice. Allowing you to add content and interact.

So what does this mean for everyday life? Will we now start seeing people walking down the streets wearing visors and in their own little worlds? It’s altogether possible, I mean look at any train and most travellers are sitting with headphones on.

Even if we don’t see the visors in the street, you can be sure that gamers will adopt these devices pretty quickly. I mean, it’s one thing playing shoot up on a screen, but a totally different experience being on an actual battlefield.

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