Microneedling at Home: 5 of the Best Derma-Rollers

There are all kinds of home beauty treatments now available that promise youthful skin. The latest one is microneedling. This is a technique where a small device filled with tiny microneedles is rolled over the skin. Similar to a paint roller, the way it works is that every time the needles puncture the skin, this creates a wound. The skin then reacts to heal the wound with collagen and elastin which promotes new growth and youthful-looking skin.

This treatment used to be carried out in clinics only, but now you can buy derma-rollers so that you can microneedle at home. So which ones do we recommend?

Here are five of the best derma-rollers for microneedling at home:

BeautBio GloPRO Tool: £199


This is a particularly good microneedling tool because you can buy detachable heads to use for different parts of the body. It uses patented technology and was created by a former Miss Teen Texas and Beauty Bioscience founder Jamie O’Banion. Comes with its own case, spritzer bottle, power cord and adaptor and instructions. Features 540 microneedles.

ZGTS Titanium Derma Roller: £13.40


Lots of 5-star reviews from happy customers who purchased this derma roller. They love the value for money and have lots of good advice which include following up the treatment with a good face serum. We like the fact that there is a great choice of needle size, starting from 0.2mm going all the way up to 2.5mm. And you get a bottle of treatment solution too.

Swiss Clinic Skin Roller: £42


Winner of the Stella Smart Beauty Awards 2018, this derma roller features the finest microneedles made from Japanese surgical steel. You get the option of two needle lengths as well. Contains 540 microneedles.

Endim Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller: £16.99


If you want a good budget option to try out before you splash out on a more expensive version, this one has great reviews. It comes with its own case and you even get a bottle of natural hyaluronic acid face serum. Features 540 titanium alloy tipped microneedles.

Skin Medix Micro Needle Roller 0.5mm: £21.62


Skin Medix offer 4 sizes of microneedle derma-rollers from 0.2mm to 1.5mm, all designed for different reasons. The smallest, 0.2mm is to help beauty products penetrate the skin and 1.5mm is for deep stretch marks. We’ve chosen this mid-range size which is for wrinkles and anti-ageing.

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