8 of the Best Microfibre Hair Towels to Protect and Speed up Drying

When is hair most vulnerable? When it’s wet, but this is exactly the time we rub it with towels and blast it with heat. Not to mention that hair drying takes so long these days and we’ve all got better things to do. That’s where microfibre towels come in. These super-absorbent towels soak up moisture like a Henry Hoover on acid. Even better, they leave hair just damp enough so you can style and dry it with the best results.

We think it’s time you saw the benefits of microfibre towels:

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban Pink Polka Dot: £7.50

Microfibre Hair TowelsIf you have long hair, wrapping it in an ordinary towel can cause it to drag and pull on the cuticles. This hair turban is designed with two buttons for closure which means you can adjust how you wrap and secure it, making it ideal for longer hair.

DevaCurl Devatowel Anti Frizz Microfiber Towel: £26.90

Microfibre Hair TowelsCurly hair is notoriously tricky to dry and style but this microfibre towel is designed specifically for curly hair. It keeps curl definition and reduces frizz.

Soap & Glory UP IN THE HAIR™ Quick-drying Hair Turban: £8.00

Microfibre Hair Towels

Do you want to try out a microfibre towel and not spend too much in case you don’t like them? This one from Soap & Glory is under a tenner and is nice and lightweight.

Bouclème Curl Towel: £25.00

Microfibre Hair Towels

This product is great for people with wavy or curly hair. It dries quickly but leaves hair hydrated, unlike normal towels which strip the hair of all moisture and can tug at fragile hair cuticles.  No frizz, hair is textured and defined.

Iles Formula Signature Hair Turban Towel – Gray: £25

Microfibre Hair Towels

This microfibre towel is ideal if you have fine hair that is prone to static or split ends. The material is superfine which protects delicate hair whilst it soaks up moisture. We also like the elasticated edges and button to close the towel and make a turban and you get a handy travel bag.

Aquis Lisse Luxe hair turban: £30.00

Microfibre Hair Towels

For damaged hair that has been abused through colouring, bleaching or overheating, you don’t want to rub the fragile ends with a rough towel. You also should keep away from excessive heat. This hair turban gives you a break from styling and drying and wicks away excess moisture but leaves essential hydration.

Dock & Bay Hair Wrap – Bondi Blue: £14

Microfibre Hair TowelsIf you are a wash and go kind of gal that likes to do their makeup whilst shaving legs and picking out an outfit from your wardrobe, you’ll need a microfibre towel that stays in place. This hair wrap is designed to simply wrap around your hair, twist into place and then secure with the elastic.

Brushworks Hair Wrap Duo Pack: £9.99

Microfibre Hair TowelsTwo wraps for under a tenner. A nice affordable microfibre hair wrap that is a one-size fits all kind of product. Comes with a handy button to secure the wrap in place.




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