Meals On Wheels Just Got Gourmet!


Just recently my dad became ill and we as a family had to arrange outside care for him which included getting him some home help and also putting in place a ‘meals on wheels’ system. And I tell you what, until you’ve had to organise it, you won’t know how difficult it is, especially when you are dealing with your local Social Services. My dad is 95 and has never asked the government for a penny but because he could still get himself out of bed and dress and wash himself, and because he could make himself a sandwich and stick something in the microwave, he was not deemed to be ‘ill enough’ to warrant the subsidised meals services. He could still have it, but he would have to pay full whack for it. So instead of him paying out £3.30 per meal, he would have to pay £6.60. All this despite the fact that he had recently come out of hospital and could not stand up for more than a few minutes at most. It was then that I decided to go down the private route and see if there was anything in the private sector that was cheaper and better for him, and this is when I discovered Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Now don’t be put off by the location and the name – Wiltshire Farm Foods is the UK’s leading meals delivery service. Their meals are prepared in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, frozen the moment they are cooked, and delivered across the UK & Northern Ireland through a network of local outlets. All their meals and many of their desserts in their brochure are made by them in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Some of their desserts are produced for them by suppliers in the UK and Europe. They source their ingredients from a range of carefully approved suppliers in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Best of all, they can offer the perfect way for you or a relative to eat well, without having to worry about long trips to the supermarket, preparing food, or managing boiling pots and pans. Many of their customers have special dietary needs, and so they work hard to make sure their meals and desserts meet the best nutritional standards. And I’ve seen with my own eyes, their meals not only look and taste great, but they’re good for you too.


The great thing about Wiltshire Farm Foods is that they hand deliver the meals direct to your door. Their team of drivers head out from one of their 70 local outlets around the country, and deliver to their UK customers on a weekly or fortnightly basis. As they know you don’t want a stranger arriving at your door, their drivers go through an extensive training program, as well as a police security check, to make sure they are someone you can trust and rely on. They deliver, for free, everywhere in the UK. Each local outlet is situated to make sure we can reach everyone. They normally get around to every mainland Great Britain & Northern Ireland address either weekly or fortnightly.


Wiltshire Farm Foods use recipes perfected by their team of chefs in Wiltshire and they take the greatest care in sourcing the ingredients and preparing the meals. So, if you’re not entirely satisfied with any dish, they’d like to know why. If you have a problem with one of their meals, keep the lid from your meal, and this will help them identify it, or you can give your local Wiltshire Farm Foods a call. Alternatively, you can email feedback@wiltshirefarmfoods.com They will replace the meal and provide you with another meal of your choice, with their compliments.


The good thing about this service is that it is as flexible as you want it to be. You can order as often or not as you like. You don’t have to sign up to regular deliveries, just keep them in mind should you need them. And if you’re ordering from them for the first time, you might like to try the Taster Pack, which is a selection of their most popular meals and desserts, to help take out some of the guesswork!

How you can order:

Online — A good place to start is the Beef Range website (wiltshirefarmfoods.com) for a range of traditional Beef frozen meals starting from £2.40.

Telephone – Call us on 0800 773 773 and you’ll be put through to your local outlet.

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