McDonald’s installs touch-screen computers to take orders

It could be a sign of things to come, and will take the meaning of fast food to a whole new level, as McDonald’s has begun installing 7,000 touch-screen computers, all designed to take your burger order.

The mini kiosks will allow hungry customers to completely bypass that pesky ordering process, where you actually have to interact with another human being, and place their order by touching a series of buttons.

McDonald's installs touch-screen computers to take orders

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McDonald’s have already taken apart the process of producing fast food, by removing the need for a qualified chef, and isolating the cooking processes into manageable sections, where staff can perform them quickly and with the most basic of training.

But now it appears that this simplifying of the cooking procedures is not enough to ensure that customers are receiving their take-out burgers at the fastest speeds possible. So the boffins at McDonald’s have come up with this touch-screen kiosk, which is designed to speed up the process of ordering for the consumer, and make the whole experience at the fast food restaurant more efficient.

However, for the millions of people who are employed by McDonald’s, do they need to worry about losing their cashier jobs? Well, at present, the kiosks are only being installed in Europe, but there is better news for US citizens, as the restaurant recently went on an employment drive and managed to hire an additional 62,000 employees.

The touch-screen kiosks will be able to handle orders and take credit and debit payments, and consumers will be greeted with the message that will ask them what they want to order.

Not only will the new kiosks speed up the ordering process, but it will also provide a wealth of data, as customers’ orders could be used to track eating habits in different countries, and spending patterns could also be processed, allowing McDonald’s to push aggressive advertising campaigns in areas that are not selling as well as others.

As well as reducing the need for humans to process the actual orders, as the touch-screens only accept debit or credit cards, it appears that this could be the start of people preferring to use plastic payment methods, as opposed to cash.

It is thought that the new touch-screen kiosks are just a small part of an overall modernisation and make-over of the McDonald’s brand, as although the golden arches in the shape of a capital M are probably one of the most recognised symbols in the world, the fast food company are keen to revamp their image.

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