Matching Your Kitchen Accessories to Your Kitchen Colours

Kitchens can be a tricky business, especially if you like matching colours and patterns. But how can you make it work without spending a fortune? The answer may seem a bit tricky, but if you’re redoing your kitchen at any point, you’ll be able to come up with a matching kitchen to be proud of.

Start with a set of utensils, a towel or a set of pot holders you like the pattern of. Starting small allows you to build up, but don’t be too worried; if, for example, you like a cupcake pattern but can’t find any cupcake tile stickers, it isn’t the end of the world. Cut into a colour from the pattern and you can sort things out to a perfectly satisfactory degree.

Choosing two or three colours from the pattern you enjoy is the best idea; if you can’t, for example, find any lime green tiles you may yet be able to find pink or yellow ones. This allows you to be very flexible whilst still tying your kitchen together quite nicely. Also be willing to mix several different patterns; a simple yellow gingham, for example, would match a more complex cupcake pattern (as the example we’re going with) quite easily as long as the yellow is found in the cupcake pattern at some point. While many people are worried about mixing prints, a simple print is easily matched to a more complicated one.

If you plan to make your own fabric accessories like towels and pot holders, you could be on to a winner. Simply use the cloth samples to see whether the patterns would match. Otherwise, go with your gut. It may seem that being conservative is a good idea, but some boldness thrown into your kitchen can really throw it into perspective.

If, on the other hand, you decide to go for a sober kitchen scheme, be aware that a splash of colour here or there is a beautiful idea. Greys, whites and blacks can make for a really gorgeous kitchen, but what elevates it from a utilitarian chic to a work of beauty is a splash of unexpected, contrasting colour. A sudden burst of red, yellow, or orange can really liven the kitchen up if all you’ve got so far is a sober colour scheme.

No matter what colour scheme or even pattern you like, you can turn your kitchen into a visual delight if you undertake the planning carefully and remember that the beauty isn’t always in the details – often, it’s in the broad strokes, too.


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