Marmite score a hit with new Marmife!

The Marmife, which comes with a book - The Little Book Of Marmite Tips, and a pot of Marmite

In this age of recycling and reusing, it is not surprising that a company has thought up a novel way of ensuring you get the very last scraping of their product out of the jar. And although you may love or hate the actual spread, Marmite are sure that you will love their new knife, dubbed the ‘Marmife’, that literally enables you to scrape out the very last offering of the yeast based spread. Apparently, the knife was specially designed to stop those ‘Marmemergencies’ in which you find that your pot of Marmite is empty and all the shops have closed. It took the boffins at Marmite a whole 18 months, developing and producing the knife, which is described as a ‘silicone spatula’, shaped around a steel core.

At present it is only available exclusively at Debenhams, and costs £13.00, and Marmite hope that it will revolutionise breakfast and tea times across the UK. The knife literally goes where no other knife has, and can be used to scrape right down into the sides and under the rim of a Marmite jar. It is thought that because of the jars’ unusual shape, ordinary kitchen utensils just have not cut the mustard. The new tool was created due to overwhelming demand from disgruntled fans of the savoury spread, who were unable to reach every last morsel from the Marmite pot. The Marmife, which comes with a book – The Little Book Of Marmite Tips, and a pot of Marmite to get you going, would be an ideal gift for any Marmite lover. And Marmite spokesperson, Joanne O’Riada, said: “We’ve had comments from our Facebook community about the difficulty people have in getting all their Marmite out of the jar. Now, finally, we have a solution that reaches the spots other utensils just can’t get to.”

Marmite Gold

Marmite GoldThe new Marmife is made around a strong steel core, which allows users to really get down and dirty and give their jars a good old scrape in order to relinquish the last little bit in the jar. Victoria Jackson from the design team Kimm & Miller said: “We’ve spent ages staring at the bottom of the jar to work out the best solution and I’ve got to say, its been a real labour of love. After 15 re-designs to get the Marmife just right, I think we’ve finally done it.” And if the Marmife wasn’t enough to get you going, Marmite are also relaunching their limited edition pots of Marmite Gold. The gold pots contain the usual spread, but this time they have gold sparkly bits in it which are edible. Not only are Marmite releasing these new products, but they are also sponsoring London’s 2012 Oxford Street Christmas lights. Miss O’Riada said: “2012 has certainly been a great year for Britain – from the Queen’s Jubilee to unprecedented sporting achievements – so what better way to top it all off than giving everyone the chance to shine in this years Oxford Street Christmas lights.”

The Marmife Pack

The Marmife PackYou can see the display, which will feature classic animated Christmas characters based on the love/hate theme, will run from Marble Arch to Poland Street for a six weeks. You can also get the chance to tell the world what you think of Marmite, on a specially designed banner overlooking Selfridges. Plus, if you upload a photo on Marmite’s Facebook page, you’ll get an email with the designated time frame for when your picture will appear. Shoppers on Oxford Street will also be able to get involved through an interactive bus shelter located near Bond Street tube station. From 26 November the shelter will house a camera for shoppers to take a photo which will be uploaded to the lights within three minutes.

The Marmife Pack – which includes the Marmife, a 250g jar of Marmite and The Little Book of Marmite Tips – is available exclusively at Debenhams, for £13.00

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