Marks & Spencer Launch Exclusive Body Shape Denim Jeans

You’ve probably heard of body shaping underwear, such as Spanx, that pull in all your flabby and wobbly bits and give you a smooth and flattering figure, well, thanks to Marks & Spencer, you can now get this amazing technology in a pair of jeans. Marks & Spencer have launched the world’s first ever Body Shape Denim, which claim to flatter the majority of women’s natural curves.

So whether you have a builders bottom, those pesky muffin tops or a saggy belly, these jeans have been designed specifically to flatter you. The new jeans come in three different pairs and shoppers can choose from the Lana, the Eva or the Marilyn.

The Lana, The Eva & The Marilyn

The jeans focus on particular unique body shapes, rather than creating shapes of jeans and this is where they differ from other pairs on the market today. The shapes of the jeans focus on three different body shapes which are the pear shape, the apple shape and the hourglass figure.

The Lana jean is designed for an apple-shaped body, the Eva jean is designed for the pear-shaped woman and the Marilyn cut is designed to flatter women with an hourglass shape. To get these different shapes, Marks & Spencer say that they used a revolutionary technology which they tested on 10,000 British women.One lady who loves her Marilyn pair is model Lisa Snowdon, who is renowned for having a gorgeous curvy figure. Marks & Spencer conducted research that showed that 42% of women wear jeans at least five times a week and most women have between four and five pairs of jeans in their wardrobe that they wear on a regular basis.

However, although this study would show that jeans are our favourite item of clothing, many women in the survey stated that they found it hard to find a pair of jeans they felt 100% comfortable in wearing. The Marks & Spencer Body Shape Denim range were created by the variations in waist to hip ratio.

To find your perfect pair of jeans in the range you should measure your waist at the narrowest point and your hips at the widest; you will find that the style that will compliment your figure most will be determined by subtracting your waist measurement from your hip.

Karl Knight, who is the Head of Innovation and Quality said: “As the most worn items’ of clothing in the world, it is important that denim jeans offer our customer the most comfortable and flattering fit possible. In order to achieve this we have been working with internationally renowned body scanning technology to ensure that the measurements of our Body Shape Denim styles are designed to flatter all shapes and sizes.”

Marks & Spencer are launching the new range of Body Shape Denim for Women on 5th September 2012 in a straight leg, indigo wash in sizes 8-22. The jeans will be available in three leg lengths of short, medium and long and they cost £25 each.

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