Marks and Spencer’s advert isn’t doing great

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer

Recent news is suggesting that Marks and Spencer’s fashion advert isn’t doing great, which has led to them pulling it, as well as planning a major advertising change.

Designed to pull in a younger audience, rather than their current target group of the over 50’s, Marks and Spencer have announced an end to their glam fashion adverts, as a result of the younger audience not being convinced by it all, and them continuing to miss out on such a crucial target group.

Not only is it the work of the advert producers that has gone to waste, but they celebrities who star in it are out of a job, too, namely Myleene Klass and Danni Minogue. This poses the question as to whether Marks and Spencer will continue to be as big a brand as they currently are, when they continue to only pull in one target group. With the younger generation often being the most fashion conscious, it makes us wonder whether the department store will fail on these grounds. It certainly seems that as a result of all the cut backs we’re seeing in high street retailers, they won’t be bringing in any ‘younger’ celebrities to pull in the young women they’re so desperately after capturing.

With a major revamp of advertising seeming likely for Marks and Spencer, the Chief Executive has decided that enough is enough, and this will be the stores turning point. Maybe they should look at using a focus group of young female adults, in order to help them understand exactly what it is that they look for from high street fashion retailers. Surely directly asking those that they’re trying to target will push them in the right direction, consequently helping them design and provide clothes that youngsters want to be seen in, and more importantly feeling fashionable wearing them. After all, are the likes of Myleene Klass and Danni Minogue really representative of young, female adults in the UK? Whilst they’re definitely gorgeous women, they are also in their thirties, and in a different age group, which makes it unlikely that young adults will want to look like them at this stage in their lives.

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