Mariah Carey Launches her MAC Collection just in time for Christmas!

Mariah Carey Launches her MAC Collection just in time for Christmas!

Mariah Carey has launched her first full make-up collection after her very successful lipstick collaboration with MAC last year, and it’s very very sparkly folks!

After looking over the products, what we love about the collection is that Mariah hasn’t put in anything that she doesn’t like, or added colours she wouldn’t normally wear herself. It is a very personal collection that has her signature look all over it.

For instance, there’s no mascara as Mariah herself says that she never wears it. And all the colours are glittering nudes which suits her skin tone beautifully.

As for the collaboration, Mariah told InStyle: “I was really excited for this project because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I love MAC, I always have, and this is all stuff I will be wearing myself both onstage and everyday.”

She added: “The team really let me express myself creatively through this, and it was almost like writing a song. As a songwriter, all of the little details you put in make the end result what it is, and this was a very similar creative process.”

The collection took over a year to produce, and focused on Mariah signature look to create 23 items in total, including a glittery body powder and lipsticks.

Mariah is particularly delighted with the packaging:

“The packaging is my favorite thing I’ve seen in years, I’m telling you. When I saw it, I was blown away,” she adds. “In my house in New York, I have a beauty salon where I get ready for events, and I wanted to take the products and put them in there so I could use them all the time. The folks at MAC told me they had never done anything like this before, and that was a huge compliment. I was very honored.”

Mariah Carey’s MAC Collaboration hits stores on December 15.

Here’s what you can expect:



Mariah told InStyle that she wanted to add to the market that already existed, so here are subtle shades that wold suit all skin tones. Mariah says: “It was a great enhancement to what I was already doing with my Vegas residency, tour, and being in the studio, and I love that I can wear the collection in all of these places,” she says. “It’s also a great thing to be able to create something that will make people feel beautiful.”

  • BLUSHES – $24 each

BLUSHES - $24 each

Mariah based one of her blushes on an old favourite MAC blusher that other people also loved but she tweaked around with the colour a little to make it her very own. “We kind of tweaked it for this collection, and it’s so gorgeous. I’d definitely keep it in my makeup bag.”

  • LIPSTICKS – $20 each

LIPSTICKS - $20 each

Lots of nude shades in Mariah’s lipstick ranges so you are bound to find one that looks amazing on you. One colour you won’t find is a bright red however. “I have this obsession with not wearing a bright red lipstick, I think it looks terrible on me, and nobody understands it,” Carey says, laughing. “My makeup artist is always like, ‘Please, please let me do a red lip on you,’ and I’m like, ‘No! It doesn’t work and looks hideous on me.’

  • LIP-GLOSSES – $19 each

LIP-GLOSSES - $19 each

Luxurious and shimmering, these lip glosses are packed with moisture that stay on for hours. “I always have too many lip-glosses in my bag, and these are amazing, I actually like my natural lip color better than most nude lipsticks, so sometimes, I’ll just do a sheer gloss with a bit of shimmer over the top.”



Mariah says that she will be wearing her own make-up collection and the lip pencils are definitely one item she has packed to go on tour with. “We tried our best to make the collection close to what I actually wear, because I’ll be wearing this myself when I perform.”

  • FALSE LASHES – $18 each

FALSE LASHES - $18 each

No mascara products here as Mariah doesn’t like them, but instead two pairs of false eyelashes. “I’m not a mascara fan, so that’s one thing we didn’t include,” says Carey. “People might be like, ‘Why didn’t she do a mascara?’ but we did really nice faux lashes instead, and they’re really fun.”



Gorgeous shimmering body powder that just screams Mariah! Brush some along your collarbone for a dramatic emphasis and watch it work its magic under the lights. “When we were developing the products, we talked about what would look cool onstage and in certain lighting, but also how it would read in real life,” says Carey. “You get this specific shimmer that would work under lights, but I think it’s very wearable for everyday.”

All products available from MAC from December 15.

All images courtesy MAC.

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