Making Your Own Christmas Decorations

In a country where crafting is as unpopular as it is in the UK, making your own Christmas decorations can seem as self-evident as, say, licking your own elbow. But even without a great deal of crafting experience, you can make some amazing crafts!

One very simple way to get your Christmas decorations made is by buying fleece or felt and simply cutting and sewing your way to greatness. Fleece tends to lose more fluffy bits than felt, but may be more pleasant to the touch; visit a nearby fabric or hobby shop and have a feel to see what you fancy.

Cutting out simple shapes, such as a Christmas tree, and adding decorations made of beads, buttons, or other pieces of felt can easily lead to a pleasant decoration that you can hang easily in your tree. Or you can create a garland by making a selection and sewing them onto a piece of ribbon – the sky really is the limit and as this is a cheap way to get things done, you can afford to experiment!

If you’re really uncomfortable with sewing, felt or even coloured card can simply be glued in place, instead.

If sewing is something you really enjoy, look for cheap patterns for Christmas decorations on eBay – plenty of people make their own decorations, put a pattern on paper and then sell it for a few quid here or there. This can lead to very cheap, simple, but incredibly stylish decorations for you to make.

By cutting tinsel and strings of beads down to size, then tying them into a small circle before adding miniature baubles, you can easily make small groups of decorations that will look amazing hanging from the window handles, the doors and even the brackets holding up your banister. Experiment with silver, red, green and gold for a truly Christmassy look! Or buy some clay and get your children involved in making their own nativity. Sculpy clay, purchased from a hobby or craft shop such as Hobbycraft, can be baked in your own oven and then painted with hobby acrylics such as Citadel paints. A personalised nativity is not to be sneezed at!

A Christmas wreath is easily fabricated, too. Plain pine wreaths can be made simply following any of the hundreds of tutorials on the web. Or they can be bought at your local hobby shop or any given bits-and-bobs shop you can walk into.

Buy outside baubles, as indoor baubles will break in the frost, and wrap some tinsel around your wreath. A personalised wreath will look amazing on your front door, and you’ll be glad you’ve spent the time making it, rather than paying over the odds for a prefabricated one.

Making your own decorations is a great way to bring the family together and create some amazing memories. Get your children involved for that homemade look, or make some extras for friends and family to enjoy. You won’t be sorry you spent the time when you realise how much fun it is – and how wonderfully cosy your home looks!

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