Making the Most of Modern Warfare 3

If you, too, are one of Modern Warfare’s many fans, you won’t be able to wait until early next week when the next instalment, Modern Warfare 3, hits the shelves. Perhaps, like myself, you have it on pre-order at Amazon and can reasonably expect to see it dropping into your post box on or near the release date (which is Tuesday). It’s time to kick back and really enjoy another iconic game in the popular series. How can you make the most of your discovery of this new favourite?

Image from Amazon.co.uk

Image from Amazon.co.uk

First of all, clear your schedule. Spend the rest of today, as well as tomorrow, working towards everything you need to get done. Do you work in the evening? Do you need to get some housework done? Start working working working away and make sure you can spend that first evening focussing on little else than the game in question. Obviously, you can’t and shouldn’t do so every night, but freeing up an evening to chill and really get into the game will help you enjoy it more than you otherwise would and allows the release of the game to become a real event in your life.

How about some treats? Set aside a nice budget so you can enjoy a takeaway of your choice, or simply buy some crisps or sweets you really like to help make the evening into a pleasant one.

If you have friends who also enjoy the Modern Warfare series, it may well be time for a MW-themed party at your house. Organise a get-together for the weekend and stock up on treats and pop. Make sure people know to bring their controllers and ensure you have plenty of batteries or rechargeable battery packs. You don’t want people left out due to a shortage of controllers! Again, a meal plan is a good idea, but you can easily choose to go for a tapas-style meal consisting of various little nibbles which you can either prepare at home or buy pre-made and warm up in the oven or the microwave. Don’t skimp on the dips!

Image from Amazon.co.uk

Image from Amazon.co.uk

During the week, familiarise yourself with the game and spend that all-important time alone, bonding with it. It can be amazing to play with friends, but many people find that they enjoy the initial play more on their own than in company. Bear that in mind, but also be sure you don’t neglect family responsibilities, and don’t let your body take the punishment. If you plan to skip workouts or time out at the gym, take some time on your lunch break every day to get some fresh air and to get yourself moving.

If you find yourself at a loose end between now and the time when that all-important game hits your letter box, dig out your copies of previous Modern Warfare games and play them for a quick, nostalgic trip back in time. It’s sure to get you in the mood, and you’ll be all the more ready to get into it when you get your hands on MW3! Happy playing!

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