Making the Most of a Job Interview

Job interviews are unfortunately extremely thin on the ground right now. If you live in a remote area, you may find that jobs are just so hard to find, you may as well be hunting unicorns. If you live in a more urban area, jobs get snapped up almost before they come on the market. So how do you secure a job interview, and how, when you get one, do you make the most of it and ensure you come out on top?

The first job on your list is to get your resume up to scratch. Online, you can find templates and lists of tips to make sure your resume shines; make sure you read up extensively and, if you can afford it or there is a free service available to you, make use of a professional assistant who will be able to polish it up to a glossy shine! Be clear about what you mean, and remember to dress things up a little; a professional-looking resume is your chance to make a good first impression, and a lacklustre resume will just end up in the NO pile first chance. That resume is your foot in the door, so make it a clean one with a well-polished shoe.

Your manners in terms of dealing with the company are important, too. The cover letter is another way for you to impress your professionalism on the company you’re applying with. Make it professional and courteous, but also remove any hesitancy from it. You don’t hope to hear from someone soon – you look forward to it. You don’t believe you’d be an asset to their team – you know you will be. In this small way you can exude confidence and show the company you hope to work for that you are both certain of yourself and your talents, and able to communicate in a polite and professional manner at every turn. The same comes down to the interview; being friendly is fine, but remember to be polite at all times. Don’t let your manners push you into stiffness; that won’t play in your favour. You can be professional and friendly at the same time, and that’s what you should be aiming for.

Finally, your dress sense is important. Even if you hope to work for a company where there is no enforced dress code, dress up smartly. A professional hairstyle, smart trousers, and a button-down shirt are the norm. Obviously, there are markets where this is not the case; if you plan to work at a tattooist’s, taking out any facial piercings won’t make sense, for example.

But err on the smart side, not on the casual one! You can always dress down later on; you can’t, however, remove the company’s first impression of you as a slob if you show up in ratty jeans and a t-shirt. Often, the clothes you show up with serve as a guide for the interviewer, showing him or her what kind of person you are to work with, and sloppy dress sense usually does not reflect well on you as a result.

Go out there and get those interviews – you’re sure to make a great first impression with these handy tips!

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