Tips to help you make the most of any holiday

We spend so much time, as a nation, organising and looking forward to our holidays. But how often do you come home feeling you didn’t quite get what you were expecting, or feeling you didn’t quite enjoy every moment as you’d planned to? These tips can help you make the most of any holiday.

sunscreen lotionBuy sunscreen. This should be written, in enormous letters, on every plane, train, bus or boat ticket. Sunscreen with a high SPF is absolutely vital, as nothing will put a crimp in your day quite as badly as a nasty sunburn.

No matter what your complexion is like or how often you’ve burned in the past, buying and applying sunscreen is a must. Make sure you stick to the instructions on the flask and be aware that you can buy small bottles that fit in a handbag or backpack easily.

If you have a history of burning despite sunscreen, make sure you bring a gentle after-sun and apply more often than the bottle cautions you too; you can’t over-apply sunscreen, but you can under-apply and the results in terms of your enjoyment can be dire.

Many shops, like Boots, have regular deals on sunscreen allowing you to buy both sunscreen and after-sun for the price of one.

Start saving up for spending money as soon as you book your holiday, as nothing is quite as demoralising as having to pinch every penny when you’re supposed to be relaxing.

Getting a savings jar that can’t be opened easily so you can’t end up “borrowing” from your holiday spends, and stick inpiggy Bank whatever you can miss on a daily or weekly basis. When you get close to your holiday, you can take a tin opener to it and count your spending money before you change it into the currency of your destination.

Another option is to exchange the money right away. When you have to go to the bank or the post office to spend some money prematurely, you’ll be less likely to bother!

You can also opt for a prepaid debit card that will be accepted anywhere that takes Visa and which you can begin depositing money onto as soon as you book your trip. Again, it becomes so difficult to spend your money before you go that you won’t be tempted.

Remember the point of your holiday. You’re there to relax, not to stress about everyday concerns like money and the children’s behaviour. While there has to be some consideration of what is or isn’t reasonable, but now is the time to let yourself loose and have a good time, regardless of everything else.

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