Making baby food made easy

Making baby food at home

Making baby food at home

It’s totally a different charm in feeding your baby. Making food for your baby at home is the best way to make sure that your baby is eating right. It ensures that your baby is getting all the important nutrition. It’s not just that home cooked baby food is nutritious and tasty but it is also cheap and you also get to know all the ingredients involved.  You get to know exactly what your baby is eating. You can always try a new combination of food on the basis of your baby’s taste and likes. The food prepared at home will be clean, fresh and hygienic. It tastes far better than baby food available in market and looks wonderful and smells totally delicious plus it is made with lots of love. After all, natural or organic baby food is always a better option and the best place to prepare this kind of food is your kitchen!

A mother making baby food at home

A mother making baby food at home

Your baby develops taste for home cook food and starts appreciating that taste at a young age. Baby then starts accepting the family’s food taste without your forcing into it. There are some rules that every mother should follow when they are starting to make their baby’s food.

It’s advisable to avoid allergens which include peanuts, citrus fruits and even soy and wheat. It’s a smart idea to repeat a new type of food for four days to check if the baby is allergic to that food or not. It’s very important to thoroughly mash or puree the food you are going to give your baby. As you are just starting to give food to your baby, you obviously need to avoid everything which is hard and not pits off course.  It is always advisable to consult your pediatrician or some one with experience with idea on baby food before you start on your baby food. Always start with sweeter foods rather than less sweet vegetables. Never be discouraged if your baby throws out the vegetables, over time your baby will develop the taste of vegetables. Try until your baby gets used to it.  Never add sugar or salt to your home-made baby food. Added sodium and sugar is what makes the jarred baby food so unhealthy for the baby.

It’s very easy to make food for your baby. It does not take much effort and they are healthy and hygienic.  You can take an avocado, cut open it.  Cut few slices and mash them well. You can add little amount of water to it if you want. It’s ready to offer it to your baby. Another excellent and nutritious food is banana. Smash banana and give it to your baby. You baby will love it as it is sweet in taste. You can also try steaming apples, pears, sweet potatoes and green beans. Steam them and then remove water and make puree and strain them to remove any strings. Offer this to your baby. This will make a very healthy food for your baby.

When your baby turn six months and over, it’s a good idea to start with grains like rice, oats and barley. Just boil them and puree and then strain. It’s quite easy to make. Making baby food is not a touch job, nor does it require much intricacy. All you need to do is spend a little time for making food for your baby. It is equally important to keep personal hygiene while making baby food. Never start making food for your baby without washing your hands thoroughly. Vegetable and fruits you want to give your baby should be washed thoroughly before using them. Steam vegetables and fruits instead of boiling them and if you boil them all the nutrients will be lost. Always peal fruits and vegetables and remove all the seeds before using it. Use a separate chopping board for meat and vegetables, it will avoid any contamination.

Before anything and everything always make sure by your pediatrician if your baby is ready for solid food or not. It is very important to know before you start solid food for your baby.  Nothing is more important than your baby’s health. Nobody will know better than a mother about her baby and the baby’s needs. So with the easy tricks and tips make good, health and tasty food for your baby. And stay healthy.

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