Making a Saving on School Uniforms

Let’s be honest, shall we? School uniforms are extortionately priced. School jumpers often cost around a tenner per jumper, which your child will then outgrow at a mad pace, hardly making it worth the money. Polos with the school logo are equally madly priced, especially if you consider that your child will usually have a jumper on over the top so it’s not even visible that you spent the extra on a school-sanctioned version.

School shoes are even worse, costing up to twenty pounds per pair and outgrown even quicker than the jumpers. Additionally, with growing feet as delicate as they are, you don’t want to force your child to wear outgrown shoes for a day longer than they should, and you don’t really want to skimp on this particular expense.

The trick is to know where and when to find the savings. Keep an eye out for deals at your local shoe shop and stock up when they come in. Plimsolls and school shoes can then be bought a few pairs at a time, allowing you to spend for the future while the shoes are on at a sale price. It may seem like a lot of money to spend at once, but it will allow you to save in the long run.

Jumpers in the correct school colour can be purchased at any supermarket for much lower prices. Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda all operate a school-clothes line including jumpers in all the right prices. The only difference is in the logo, but if you feel your child may face some stigma in not wearing a school jumper with the logo on it, you can buy the jumper at the school but not the polos or the other items. The jumper will be visible, after all, whereas nothing else will be expected to be school-purchased.

Polos in a variety of colours are available at all the large supermarkets, and places such as Littlewoods do 5-packs for a very low price. Saving on polos, and buying large numbers at a go means you can be prepared for warm days when your child goes in without a jumper as well as preparing you for the inevitable indelible stains requiring the polo to be binned.

With a bit of forethought, you can save a fair bit of money on your child’s school uniforms. Outfitting them appropriately and saving pennies can go hand in hand, allowing them to look great and you to keep your wallet in a modicum of good health.

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