Make Optimal Use of Your Garage

The garage isn’t often considered part of the house; it’s where you keep the car or, if your car lives in the driveway, just a cold part of the house where you go as little as possible and the toolkits are left to rust in peace. But what would you do if I told you that you could grow to enjoy your garage regardless of which of those is the case?

If you do use your garage to stow your car, then consider it as an ideal place to put your washer and dryer. The noise will be well away from your home, so you no longer find yourself turning up the telly to make sure you can still hear what’s being said. You can easily keep your washing basket and laundry soap atop the units, and the difference in terms of your in-home noise levels can really change your enjoyment of your home. Another item that could easily live in the garage is your chest freezer.

All of these units can be shoved against the side wall and kept out of the way of the car, allowing you to make maximum use of the space without losing out on storage space for your vehicle. If you have insufficient freezer space, a chest freezer can make a huge difference and allow you to buy in large amounts of frozen food and have everything you could hope for stored easily and compactly in your garage.

If you don’t use your garage but park your car in the road or the driveway, you can still enjoy the space. You can make it over and add some insulation to allow a more ambient temperature to be maintained. A games room is ideally situated in the garage, with plenty of space for tables that can hold tabletop games, or even a pool or foosball table.

Decorating it for casual encounters allows you to turn it into a snug which you can banish noisy teenagers to, or you can even kit it out to be an office. In summer, the door can be left open to allow sun-warmed air to flow freely in and out, and as a family you can use it as a base from which to organise outdoor games.

A garage can seem very set in its ways. It’s hard to see past the big roll-over door and the idea of putting a car inside it. But if you think creatively this space can change the way you use your home and help you enjoy life just a little more.

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